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One thing to mention!

It is easy to use BVQ - it is sometimes hard to understand the meanings of performance view data correctly.We are the specialist to help You to understand what you are seeing.
To give you a better start, I offer you to get in contact with us, when you see the data and need support to interpret it.


  1. The BVQ server may not be named "BVQ" - use xxBVQ instead

  2. How long does it take to install BVQ?
    The installation normally only takes 1-2 hours. After these 2 hours you can start and use BVQ.

    After installation you should plan to customize BVQ for the IO density analysis.
    The time for this is very much depending on the complexity of your storage environment
    Customize BVQ for IO density analysis (This step is not needed for V7000 and V3700)

  3. The Scanner does not start
    can you connect to the SVC or storwize from the BVQ server?  (test with putty)
    did you setup the statistic collection to 5 minutes
    (from BVQ 3.x we expect that we can also work with 1 minute)

  4. I have problems to install the BVQ license key
    There are some issues when you store the license key on a network device - please retry with the license key read from the BVQ server directly

  5. On install BVQ says BVQ license key is invalid
    you might have a license key which does not fit to the actual version you are installing - please send a note to before you loose time with try and error

  6. where do I get the DB download and DB2 license from?
    please download the DB2 version from our prerequisite section . The DB2 can be installed in demo mode and will run for several weeks. So you can use it for the BVQ demo install.
    The DB2 License is included in the BVQ software. We will send you this license with the BVQ full license.

  7. how long does it take to see th first data after the install has finished?
    it is depending on the size of your storage system - you can expect the first data 5 to 15 minutes after the scan process hast started

  8. what is the reason that the Treemap does not show long term indicators after the install has finished?
    The reason is simple - it needs 7 days to collect data to show a 7d mean value. So after 7 days of constant data collection you will be able to see all data in BVQ.

  9. what is the reason that I cannot use the IO Heat displays in BVQ - they don't show results?
    You need to customize BVQ and add Disk Type and array informations because this is the base BVQ uses to calculate the colors against.
    here is a link how to customize BVQ:
    English Link: Customize BVQ for IO density analysis
    German Link: Qualifizierung (use section Disk Type, Array with mdisk)