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Release 3.4.4

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If you are interested in BVQ but you don't have a BVQ license, please contact us before installation:
http://tinyurl.com/CALL-BVQ or mailto:bvq@sva.de


Released on 01.07.2015

Since version 3.0 a new license file is required to activate the function packages 'VMware', 'Copy services' and 'Alerting'. 
The packages 'VMware' and 'Copy services' are licensed separately. The package 'Alerting' is part of the BVQ Performance Edition. 

DB2 has to be upgraded to version 10.5! Please see: DB2 upgrade from version 9.7.4 or higher to 10.5 (English)


Install Packages

Min. version
Package filename
Download link
Java Runtime

Oracle JRE 64 Bit

Oracle JRE 32 Bit






BVQ <= 2.9: IBM DB2 Express Edition 9.7 Fixpack 6 64 Bit

BVQ >= 3.0: IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition 10.5 Fixpack 5 64 Bit

v9.7fp6_ntx64_server.exe (see download link)

v10.5fp5_ntx64_server_t.exe (see download link)



DB2 license

BVQ <= 2.9: IBM DB2 Express Edition 9.7

BVQ >= 3.0: IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition 10.5



Ask your BVQ vendor for these files

BVQ license key filesBVQ version dependantBVQ_LIC_<customer_ID>.xml.bvqAsk your BVQ vendor for these files
Optional software:
PuTTYPuTTY 0.63putty-0.63-installer.exehttp://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/latest/x86/putty-0.63-installer.exe
PDF ReaderAdobe Reader 11AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std.ziphttp://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=10&platform=windows
Archive SW7-Zip 9.20 (2010-11-18)http://downloads.sourceforge.net/project/sevenzip/7-Zip/9.22/7z922.exe

Pre installation checklist

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Performance analysis whitepapers

The BVQ Blog
SVC / Storwize monitoring, reporting and performance analysis solution. BVQ is the fastest and complete performance analysis tool for IBM storage virtualization.
BVQ & Windows 10 - a sneak peek
Today Microsoft released Windows 10. If you're using BVQ and ask yourself about the support of BVQ in Windows 10 here's the answer: As of BVQ version 3.5.1, which will be released soon, the GUI modules (BVQ GUI & BVQ Reporting) will be supported...
Keep storage healthy – strong service opportunities for storage partners
  With BVQ you get very strong service opportunities as SVC and Storwize partner. These are very beneficial...  ...  for the customer because it highly improves the health and availability of his storage systems. ...  for the partner...
BVQ Version 3.4 adds Storwize drive statistics, point context menus and easy tier monitoring
We just released BVQ Version 3.4 with some very strong enhancement.   Download this version from our WIKI http://bvqwiki.sva.de/x/BQEz   Some of the major highlights are: Drive statistics for Storwize systems! BVQ 3.4 adds drive statistics below the...
SVC Storwize performance analysis video with BVQ version 3.4
With BVQ version 3.4, we will achieve great improvements in the handling of Performance analysis.   BVQ 3.4 makes it easy to do performance analysis. Ideal for people starting with it. BVQ 3.4 speeds up up performance analysis for experts BVQ 3.4 is the...
BVQ Version 3.3.3 download page in English language is now available
You can now find this page here http://bvqwiki.sva.de/x/BQEz   The improvements of BVQ 3.3.3 are Loading and drawing processes of the performance view were significantly improved. Long lasting data load processes can now be interrupted. The performance...
New BVQ offline scanner now scans Storwize drive performance information
We just released the new offline scanner which will now also scan the drive information from any Storwize product. Direct Link to BVQ offline scanner http://bvqwiki.sva.de/x/3IBdAQ With this we can make more accurate statements about the performance of...
BVQ V3.3.3 with great improvments for performance analysis released
We just released the new BVQ V3.3.3 with great enhancements in performance and usage of the performance analysis methods. We are in progress to translate the release notes to English. If you want to download V3.3.3 now you can do this from the German download...
Thoughts about storage monitoring or monitoring or analysis?
  I had a discussion about storage monitoring and analysis. This discussion ended in the following understanding: Monitoring with a simple product help you to understand when things go wrong. They show the symptoms but not the reasons. You will need to...
Sneak preview BVQ dashboard will greatly enhance storage monitoring capabilities
The BVQ development team is currently working on the new BVQ dashboard functionality. This new dashboard should become available in 1H2015. The dashboard is great for monitoring, you can open several dashboards and put them onto different screens, this will...
BVQ is so incredibly fast! Leads to SVC / Storwize performance analysis results in seconds instead of minutes or hours
This is just a new experience with the newest BVQ Beta code which will become available as BVQ Version 3.4 in some weeks. BVQ Version 3.4 will have a completely refurnished internal data handling which you will not recognize as a benefit today but this is the...