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Release date Nov. 26, 2014

Since version 3.0 a new license file is required to activate the function packages 'VMware', 'Copy services' and 'Alerting'. 
The packages 'VMware' and 'Copy services' are licensed separately. The package 'Alerting' is part of the BVQ Performance Edition. 

DB2 has to be upgraded to version 10.5! Please see: DB2 upgrade from version 9.7.4 or higher to 10.5 (English)


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The BVQ Blog
BVQ brings complete storage monitoring, performance analysis, alerting and reporting to the IBM Storwize family.
Stop assuming – start knowing!
We are very proud to announce the general availability of BVQ Version 3.3. BVQ Version 3.3 is the first IBM SVC and Storwize monitoring and analysis solution with full support of the IBM SVC and Storwize Family Software V7.3.x. IBM SVC and Storwize...
The new BVQ Storage as Service solution offering
  Abstract The BVQ Storage reporting Service (SRS) is a solution which combines the strength of an onsite installed BVQ with the cost advantages of SaaS. SRS provides a very simple way for users to do storage monitoring by replacing time...
Use multiple screens for SVC / Storwize 7.3x monitoring and analysis
Full support of the new SVC/Storwize Family 7.3 Version   3.3   will   be   an   intermediate step , which we make available quickly, so that   the   new   SVC   /   Storwize   versions   7.3...
How to solve unbalanced VDisk mirror problems
This is a a new performance analysis whitepaper in the technical section of BVQWIKI The unbalanced VDisk mirror problem Many performance issues are caused by an unbalanced situation in the two sides of VDisk mirrors. One finds, that a...
For BVQ Partners: BVQ is now also represented in the IBM Global Solution Directory
  This is mainly interesting for IBM partners which want to use BVQ with their customers. We have an international partner program for BVQ. Please contact us at or send a mail to to ask for further details. ...
Questions about performance changes since the upgrade to SVC/Storwize V7.3
Storwize Family Software V7.3 has implemented many changes, specially in the cache architecture, Easy Tier and re-striping of storage pools. The changes target to enhance overall system performance. The experience is good but sometimes little things can cause...
BVQ Version 3.3 supports Storwize code level 7.3,x. this will be first time presented at the SVC User Group Day at IBM in Ehningen
Next week we will first time show BVQ 3.3 Beta at the German SVC user group day in Ehningen. BVQ version 3.3 supports the SVC / Storwize version 7.3 completely, including the new cache architecture. Further improvements are removable window, with which...
Nice little success story!
I am very proud about these kind of success stories, where we again could help a customer to solve a performance problem in shortest time. Like this example: 2:30 pm we were informed by one of our sales colleagues, that the client has performance...
Use BVQ V3.2 for the new SVC / Storwize codelevel 7.3.x
BVQ version 3.2 supports the new SVC / Storwize code versions 7.3.x The BVQ scanner from older versions is not able to work with the new Storwize code. New BVQ code Version 3.2   If you upgrade from BVQ...
BVQ Version 3.2 is available for download
We have just released BVQ Version 3.2 Highlights: Improved 'Look and Feel' of the GUI with  customization possibilities and more space for content More possibilities for searching, sorting and filtering functions in all...




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BVQ <= 2.9: IBM DB2 Express Edition 9.7 Fixpack 6 64 Bit

BVQ >= 3.0: IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition 10.5 Fixpack 4 64 Bit

v9.7fp6_ntx64_server.exe (see download link)

v10.5fp4_ntx64_server.exe (see download link)

DB2 license

BVQ <= 2.9: IBM DB2 Express Edition 9.7

BVQ >= 3.0: IBM DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition 10.5



Ask your BVQ vendor for these files

BVQ license key filesBVQ version dependantBVQ_LIC_<customer_ID>.xml.bvqAsk your BVQ vendor for these files
Optional software:
PuTTYPuTTY 0.63putty-0.63-installer.exe
PDF ReaderAdobe Reader 11AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std.zip
Archive SW7-Zip 9.20 (2010-11-18)

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