HKC Analysis checklist

Checklist for HKC Analysis

The HKC Analysis is a special health check for SVC and Storwize
This HKC Analysis can only be offered one time per customer
The ad hoc HKC Analysis is free of charge (special offer until 4Q2013)!
The big HKC Analysis needs several days of preparation and is not free of charge!

Please ask for an analysis by clicking here

Why HKC Analysis?

Only some minutes are needed to check your SVC or Storwize system for the most typical issues, which may result in poor storage performance or bottleneck situations. In many cases you will get detailed advice what to do to overcome the issues - but in every case you will get a very precise idea about your actual system utilization.

During a complete analysis your actual storage tier efficiency will also be analyzed, and you get valuable recommendations which route should be taken when you need to expand capacity next time - more cheap storage or more high performance storage? There have already been many situations, in which enormous saving potentials were uncovered.



  • Ad hoc Analysis
    An engineer will do this analysis together with you. There is no further preparation from our side
    The content of this analysis is: Health Check for SVC and Storwize

    To conduct this kind of quick analysis, BVQ has to collect at least 4 days of data.
    Please send us an email for scheduling support

  • Complete HKC Analysis
    This analysis needs two days of preparation and is going much deeper into other sections.
    The analysis is not free of charge - we charge at least 2 working days per cluster for this analysis.

    • Capacity and usage analysis for investigation of the following points:
      Free space in the managed disk groups.
      Is the performance of your managed disk groups suitable to support 100% capacity usage of the groups?
      Is striping in managed disk groups well balanced?
      Are all servers connected correctly?

    • Storage Tier analysis: in what kind of storage should be invested when capacity has to be expanded?
      Often it is astonishing that often high performance capacities have not to be increased.
      Just shift low performing volumes to cheaper storage and invest in this class for more capacity!
      This analysis will not provide a list of volumes because things can change.
      It will give you a more precise knowledge how you should invest in the future

    • Storage efficiency analysis
      How well is your Thin Provisioning and/or compression working?

    • Easy Tier analysis
      How effective is Easy Tier working in your environment?

    • More analysis points on special request


  • Today we use the BVQ offline scanner for the  HKC
    The new BVQ Offline Scanner

  • Demo license
    English: BVQ releases and downloads
    German: BVQ releases und downloads

  • Download BVQ software and prerequisite software from the BVQ server
    English: BVQ releases and downloads
    German: BVQ Releases und Downloads

  • Install Teamviewer for remote access
    Download Teamviewer from

    • You can install Teamviewer on the BVQ server if this server can be accesed via the Internet.
      In this way we can access the BVQ server directly.

    • You can install Teamviewer on any system (laptop, workstation) which can run a RDP session to access the BVQ server.
      This is done if the BVQ server is in a lab environment and not accessible via the Internet.
      The BVQ server will then be accessed via the open RDP session on this workstation.

    • To connect to your system the ID and password is needed.
      The password normally changes on every start of Teamviewer.
      SVA has a full license for Teamviewer.




  • Do it by yourself
    Installation manuals can be found in the support pages
    For a complete installation a valid BVQ license is needed- please finish this step before you start!
    English: BVQ releases and downloads
    German: BVQ releases und downloads

  • Request installation support (approx. 1h)
    Please ask for support via:

  • If you are also interested in testing BVQ a first training session can be provided (approx. 1h)
    Please ask for a training session via: