After 2 family & friends version (5.4 & 5.4.1), we have released BVQ version 5.4.2 today.

This is a major release with new features:

  • Capacity charting - You can now visualize capacity graphs in the BVQ GUI. This allows you for example to monitor your capacity growth over time or the compression savings.
  • Design IO density - This feature allows you to simulate different backend performance characteristics for your workload. For example: How would this MDisk group perform with  only NL-SAS drives instead of SAS drives.
  • Report scheduling - Now you are able to schedule your reports for automatic creation. The times of repeating manual creations are over (but still available)
  • VDisk copy capacity difference - This allows you to visualize differences in capacity for VDisk copies (e.g. primary copy = fully allocated & secondary copy = thin provisioned) very easily

  • Enhanced path based charting (PBC) - Now there are more object types available to use PBC for all available metrics
  • PBC chart report snippets - With this you can use performance graphs in reports very easily by just creating a PBC favorite in the GUI

  • Enhanced BVQ Server user roles - You can now create users with different roles (e.g. report designer, report creator, report viewer, ...)

  • BVQ server maintenance mode - DB schema manager & scheduler are now moved to the BVQ server

For a more detailed description of the new features available, see BVQ 5.4

Because the installation method is a bit different to former updates, we have a short update guide available, see BVQ Update guide 5.3.x to 5.4.x


Enjoy the new features!

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