After 2 family & friends version (5.5 & 5.5.1), we have released BVQ version 5.5.2 this week.

This is a major release with new features:

  • SAN module (Brocade) - A new platform has arrived in BVQ - The BVQ SAN module for Brocade. Now you are able to scan your Brocade fabrics and analyze it with all the powerful features of BVQ
  • Alerting - The alerting engine was rewritten from scratch, allowing you a much more powerful and flexible alerting.
  • SVC 7.6 & 7.8.1 feature support for:
    • DRAID
    • Hyperswap & Remote Copy integration
    • Port Congestion Performance Statistics (especially 16GBit/s node ports)
  • a lot of GUI improvements (e.g. new menu to add table columns & enhanced chart context menu)
  • improved Web UI including the new alerting

For a more detailed description of all the new features available, see BVQ 5.5 (download link is also available)

Enjoy the new features!

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