This week BVQ version 5.6.4 was released with a bunch of new features and one new platform:

VMware platform:

BVQ now supports VMware performance data. With IBM Spectrum Virtualize (aka SVC/Storwize/FlashSystem), Broadcom (aka Brocade) and the brand new VMware platform you will get an end to end view into your environment.

Identifying virtual machines causing performance bottlenecks in your Storage or SAN environment are only a few clicks away.

All exsiting features like quick & powerful analysis in the BVQ expert GUI, Reporting, Alerting & Dashboards are available for the VMware platform as well.

See for a brief description of the VMware platform.

If you are interested in a demo/poc installation in your environment to test the new VMware platform, please contact or your local sales/engineer representative.

SAN Zoning

The existing SAN package ( is now extended by SAN zoning information.

New favorites for SAN zoning are now available to support you with overviews and troubleshooting (e.g. hanging/orphaned zones, hanging aliases, etc.)

See for a brief decsription of the SAN zoning enhancements

The SAN zoning enhancement is available for existing BVQ SAN packages at no extra cost.

New GUI favorites & Grafana Dashboards

With version 5.6.4 all new favorites for the SAN package and the VMware platform are available. These will support you with detailed descriptions and best practices to find problems in your environment even faster.


Build-in Java

Java 10 is now included in the BVQ code base. A separate Java installation on the server is no longer needed. With this step we also moved to OpenJDK -> No extra licensing for the official Oracle Java.

...and a bunch of new features & fixes

Besides the new features already mentioned, BVQ as a lot of other new features and improvements:

  • Performance indicators (PI) for all metrics are available to choose in the treemap & tables - this enables you to create even more powerful favorites for certain analysis steps
  • Reporting improvements like scheduled reports, notification of created reports and fix links to the latest report created
  • Path browser rework to give you a more intuitive way to create your treemap paths
  • Copy sync quality monitoring for IBM global mirror with change volumes (gmcv) and VDisk mirrors
  • High DPI support for 4k/5k/8k monitors to show even more information on high resolution screen with the BVQ expert GUI

and at last, some housekeeping with around 70 bug fixes

Release notes & download links

You can find a complete list of all new features, improvements and bug fixes including the download links here:

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