Today BVQ version 5.7.1 was released with a bunch of new features:

  • SAN Module Enhancement: Now supporting Access Gateways & NPIV

  • VMware Module Enhancement: Now supporting vSAN Disk groups including performance data

  • Predefined System Alert Rules: An easy way to create Alert rules from templates

  • DB backup via BVQ Server: Finally you can backup your BVQ DB manually/automatically within the BVQ server (including backups for a certain timeframe to reduce DB backup size)

  • Filtering Enhancement: Allow simple mathematics to calculate within filters. This enhances the filter functionality even further

  • PBC Charts as Excel data source: Now you can export time series data (performance data) via the REST API to external applications (e.g. MS Excel)

  • Grafana: Table support enables you to easily use BVQ expert GUI favorites within Grafana

  • Enhanced Favorite Chooser & Event View within the BVQ expert GUI to simplify user experience

You can find a complete list of all new features, improvements and bug fixes including the download links here:

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