Please send us the following information in order to setup the IO density analysis features of BVQ which allow you to use the BVQ Heatmap feature in your system.

Spectrum Virtualize Systems and Flash Systems (including V840 and V9000) can be scanned which provide the necessary information to do the IO density Analysis.
This feature helps you work with the IO density heatmap which makes very easy your monitoring and troubleshooting activities by providing you with the coloring indicating load. The output of the commands indicated below, provide important information of the back-end controllers of type :

  • Non Spectrum Virtualize Systems and
  • Non IBM systems

Retrieve the SVC / Storwize Cluster information using the CLI

Additional, if you are licensing an SVC system, please include as well the output of the following commands:

svcinfo lscontroller  (from the SVC system)
svcinfo lsmdiskgrp    (from the SVC system)
svcinfo lssystem (from each Storwize or IBM Flash cluster ie: storwize V7000, V5000, V3700, FLASH900)

We use the following information from the output of the lscontroller and lsmdiskgroup commands

Type of controller
Names of controllers or managed disk groups

The drive type and RAID level needs to be obtained from the customer in order to complete the IO Density / Qualification



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