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The upgrade process of this Version will drop deprecated performance statistic DB tables, that aren't used since version 4.0. If you haven't upgraded to 4.0 or higher yet or have configured the BVQ scheduler to retain raw performance statistics longer than 100 days (default),  you will loose recorded performance data prior the update to 4.0.

For further questions do not hesitate to Contact BVQ support.


Multiple view composition

BVQ version 5.0 introduces major changes to the user interface to simplify the use of connected information in one window and move to a use case driven perspective.

BVQ docking capabilities, available since version 3.4, made it easy to assemble multiple topology- and performance-views into one window composition. Unfortunately these individual views didn't share any information, weren't recallable for repetitive use and the view-controls were wasting valuable space.

BVQ now extended the docking capabilities to:

  • Save and restore layout composition as favorite
  • Reload analytic performance views based on the current selection of the active view in a window
  • Add information to a window or view to describe and explain their use
  • Concentrate a views to the information. User input elements are moved to separate control panels.

Window vs. view

With the new introduced concept of windows it is important to distinguish between a view and a window as well as the different usability concepts.

  • Container to hold one or more views
  • Actions on it are available via the main menu → Window
  • Object selections could be made effective for all analytic views inside a window
  • Multiple windows spread across multiple monitors are supported
  • Available single view types: performance and topology (treemap / table sections)
  • Each single view can be adjusted independently
  • Multiple views can be arranged inside a window


Use case driven views

The new window concept enables the move to a more use case or problem centric view. Windows are able to show a collection of relevant charts, metrics, tables and treemaps important to analyze problems at a glance.

Fully recallable window

Now you are able to store a fully customized window including multiple views with their own configurations and arrangements. Therefor a "Window Favorite" has been introduced. It shows up similar to a folder in the favorite chooser from where you can open it completely as a window, or open one of its subordinated views.

Fully recallable table views

You are now able to save and recall a customized table layout from a favorite. This relates to all elementary properties of a table view section like:

  • Table mode: Tree or sort & filter
  • Auto compact and Scrollbar setting
  • Column content (attributes)
  • Column ordering
  • Column width

  • Column filter
  • Column sorting sequence

Self explanatory favorites

To explain the usage and intention of a single view or complete window, additional information can be added to each corresponding favorite. With that, high level usage skills can be documented directly inside BVQ and become an integral part of it. The information is structured in:

  • Icon with configurable color and shape
  • Name
  • Summary (80 Chars)
  • Description (Multiple ASCII formatted lines)
  • Clickable web link (typically pointing to a page in a knowledge base system like a wiki)

The information are available via tooltip in the favorite chooser and the view or window title bar. You can enter own information or follow the web link in the new "Info" properties dialog.


Integrated expertise

We included a massive part of our professional expertise in a new set of system favorites. 31 main favorites including 53 subordinated result in 84 new favorites total. These are pre-configured for typical in field use cases in the areas of:

  • System, performance and resource overview
  • Capacity management and optimization
  • Configuration checks regarding best practices
  • High availability and disaster recovery configuration analysis
  • Provisioning support
  • SAN problem resolution

The new favorites use all the new features of this version, like multi views, analytic favorites, persistent table views. They are  enriched with professional use case oriented documentation, that explains how to use them, what you will see in the visualization and what to take care for to optimize your installation or to find and resolve problems.

They are really helpful to max out the full power of BVQ with a single click - simplified usage for an expert but especially helpful for a novice user. We will continuously enhance, extend and restructure these favorites from version to version.

Latency filter

Typically, when a bulk of objects with their latency trend lines is shown in a single chart, you will see a lot of latency peaks. Most of them are caused by a very low IO rates and therefore are not relevant compared to the ones having high latencies combined with a reasonable number of IOs.

The new latency filter allows to concentrate the chart on relevant latency peaks. It will hide latency peaks where the IO rate (divider) correlated to the latency is lower then the specified threshold.

You can configure any filter threshold the section "Other" of the charts properties panel.

Comprestimator output visualization

Since version 7.6, the SVC code can include an output of the integrated Comprestimator utility. BVQ is now able to visualize the estimations in the object detail view or as a  coloring in the treemap. This unlocks a powerful feature to find suitable candidate volumes for compression or thin saving settings directly inside the BVQ GUI. Additionally it is easy to compare current vs estimated saving.

To use this feature you have to met the following prerequisites:

  • A cluster with SVC code version 7.6 or newer
  • Run the svc commands analyzevdisk or analyzevdiskbysystem at a recent point in time.

Flat design and ultra high resolution support

In the course of making the BVQ GUI high resolution aware and moving to the window interface, we adapted the look and feel to a cleaner flat design. All icons have been revised and exchanged with an appropriate new vector based icon. Furthermore we improved the coloring strategy for the table to keep text and coloring more readable. Colorings are now visualized with a colored flat icon beside of the corresponding value.



Requirements and restrictions 

Requirements of the HW/SW environment

Please see Supported Environments

Minimum BVQ version required for an update


Minimum DB2 Version

DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition V10.5 FP5

Recommended Java Runtime version


Update step by step 

Important update notes

  1. BVQ license: A new license file may be necessary to use certain new features.
  2. GUI favorites:  During some of the GUI updates the predefined favorites are replaced. Possible user changes will be lost. However, changes in user favorites and all user favorites are kept.
  3. Update DB2 JRE: Before installing the BVQ update please upgrade DB2 and JRE to the recommended  versions.
  4. If you have problems: Please contact your BVQ support partner

  1. Preparations
    • Checking for correct function of the environmentin particular function of the scanner.
    • Manual stop of BVQ Scanner and Alerting-service, Scheduler-services and also of all GUIs and reporting-clients
    • Backup of BVQ installation directory and BVQ DB (e.g. DB offline backup with DB2 CMD, VMware snapshots) 
    • Starting again the BVQ Scanner
  2. Update BVQ Install Package Repository: bvq-package-repository-installer-x64-V5.0(.x).exe
    1. DB Schema update
    2. BVQ GUI update
    3. BVQ Reporting Engine update
    4. BVQ Report Module update
    5. BVQ SVC Scanner update 
    6. BVQ VMware Scanner update
    7. BVQ Scheduler update
    8. BVQ Alerting update
  3. Performing functional tests
  4. If necessary inform colleagues about the need to update locally installed BVQ GUI / report clients.  



 Version 5.0

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 Version 5.0.1

Version 5.0.1

New features

Issue ID



BVQ-11398GUIEnable to store event log views as favorites
BVQ-11602GUIAdd path between Copy services OT and MDisk
BVQ-11313GUIAdd use case aligned favorites



Issue ID





Treetable: Improve formatting of io rates



Attributes: Improve link shortcuts / human readable names and descriptions


SVC ScannerBe able to interpret SVC code v7.6 comprestimator output
BVQ-11619DBAdd a Migscript to decrease DB filespace size
BVQ-11057GUIException dialog: Allow copy/paste from text-field
BVQ-11058GUIException dialog: Add a send email function


Bug fixes


Issue ID



Critical BVQ-11530GUIFavorites: Export kills SV favorite info area
CriticalBVQ-11508GUIEvent log: Open converts all current views to tabs

Analytic Perf view: Change detection does not work for changes in chart

CriticalBVQ-11542GUIPerf / Event view: Call of Event table from Perf view does not show all related events
CriticalBVQ-11483GUIEditors: Exception when edit on MDisk
CriticalBVQ-11574Scheduler/GUIStatsInterval detection for FlashSystems broken
CriticalBVQ-11622GUIPerf-View: Analytic PV called from Dot Kontextmenü opens all objects
CriticalBVQ-11600GUITreemap: Path browser in Textmode doesn't recognize undo/redo
ImportantBVQ-11344InstallerExecutable file deleted when reboot was performed
Important BVQ-10468


Topology view: Flattable: Selection isn't resolved correctly with applied filter
ImportantBVQ-11507GUIMulti view: Start view gets unflagged by Save as (overwrite)
ImportantBVQ-11476GUIFavorites: Deleting of existing favorite does not cleanup all favorite relevant information of the view
ImportantBVQ-11528GUIFavorites: Perf view: Flag "Show Events" is not stored in favorites
ImportantBVQ-11485GUIEditors: Exception when trying to delete a Drive Array

Performance view: "Move Selection to Treemap" from dot context menu ignores selection

ImportantBVQ-10802GUIAttributes: Compression related attributes should display N/A if compression is deactivated
ImportantBVQ-11503GUIDetail pane: Direct mapped VDisks from flash/storwize system should show up in "Disk array"
ImportantBVQ-11086GUIEditors: Clone Object: Name autoincrements for some improper OT
ImportantBVQ-11513GUIDetail pane: SVC Capacity efficiency (estimated): Barchart shows wrong attributes
ImportantBVQ-11487GUIEditors: Room: Duplicate name check does not work
ImportantBVQ-11502SVC ScannerInstaller: "SVC Port #" = "-1" when installing an update via repository
ImportantBVQ-10978GUIMulti view: Faulty restore after maximizing within a floating frame
ImportantBVQ-11497GUIAttributes: Comprestimator: Not all values are available in table & sorting
ImportantBVQ-11545SchedulerDB: Tables SVC_SITE and SVC_SITE_CUR are not reorganized
ImportantBVQ-11290GUIEditors: Drive type: Bad fitting autoname for some drive types
ImportantBVQ-11515GUIEditors: SLA does not work properly
ImportantBVQ-11293GUIPerformance view: Time favorite: Shortcut "*" for "Distribute timing to all open" not reliable
ImportantBVQ-11616GUIDetail pane: Exception when opening from chart view if it is already open
ImportantBVQ-11662GUIPerformance view: Option panel: Object list: When opening a view from it, MV is destroyed
ImportantBVQ-11674GUIDetail Pane: Does not remember its size during a session
ImportantBVQ-11348GUIMulti view: Exception maximizing window
ImportantBVQ-11559DBMissing index on all mapping tables
ImportantBVQ-11579GUIPerformance view: Auto range Y axis is turned on by default
ImportantBVQ-11557GUIPerformance view: Properties: Object-table: Toggle thickness does no longer switch text to bold.
ImportantBVQ-11670GUIFavorites: Save as: Overwrite Mode is kept even though the filename was changed
ImportantBVQ-11650GUIMulti view: Cloning a window favorite causes NPE
ImportantBVQ-11581GUIFavorites: Menu entries for analytic favorites missing
ImportantBVQ-11677GUIPerformance view: Change from line to step mode confuses undo/redo
ImportantBVQ-10824GUITreetable: Filter: Pressing space in filter expression opens Detail Pane
Recommended BVQ-11296GUIPerformance view: Step chart: Curve has gaps
RecommendedBVQ-11490GUITreemap: Border / CellSpacing / CellPadding is not scaled
RecommendedBVQ-11499GUIEditors: "Delete" always active in context menu when no object selected
RecommendedBVQ-11663GUIPerformance view: Chart panning and property panel focus requests clash
RecommendedBVQ-11512GUITopology view: Table: Clone is active if multiple objects are selected
 Version 5.0.2

Version 5.0.2

New features

Issue ID



BVQ-11083CommonSVC Code 7.8: Toleration support
BVQ-11725CommonSVC Code 7.8: Support new Easy Tier Levels
BVQ-11692GUIFavorites: Order should be adjustable in favorite browser



Issue ID





Deactivate PI load and calculation for FlashSystems



Alerting: Display Human Readable Names for selected attributes in BVQAlertCondinionForm


GUIFavorites: Info-Dialog: Improve readability with monospaced font
BVQ-11691GUIFavorites: Keep expand / collapsed folder state as it is
BVQ-11186GUIEnclosure: Enhance naming
BVQ-11599GUITreemap: Legend: Path should reflect filter settings
BVQ-11486GUITable: Add a meaningful default name for exported files
BVQ-11302GUITable: Show more detailed object response time values

Bug fixes


Issue ID



Critical BVQ-11695GUIFavorites: Occasionally data loss of info texts or configuration settings
CriticalBVQ-11688GUIFavorites: Exception after dragging system folder into user folder
CriticalBVQ-11694GUIDocking: Occasionally no DockingFrame can be found for a JFrame
CriticalBVQ-11689GUINew window not always relyable in front
ImportantBVQ-11684GUITable: Sort&Filter mode: IllegalStateException when sorting after applied filter
ImportantBVQ-11638GUIVDisk grouping Objects with incorrect desingn response time
ImportantBVQ-11699GUIException afer maximize of start view
ImportantBVQ-11088GUIPI: Scheduler realtime interval with small offset
Recommended BVQ-11615GUITreemap: FC mapping: Tooltip shows BVQ ID instead of SVC ID
RecommendedBVQ-11434ScannerToplology Scan: Remove warning "Unable to parse speed NONE" from scannerlog
RecommendedBVQ-11710ReportingDB2: SRS Performance Report causes NPE
 Version 5.0.3

Version 5.0.3


Issue ID




Offline Scanner

Dialog should use "days to keep" instead of "hours"


Bug fixes


Issue ID



Critical BVQ-11829CommonLicense: VMware UUID is checked case sensitive
Recommended BVQ-11625GUIClosing a view via tab overview leads to exception

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