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Business Volume Qualicision (BVQ) Accounting Modul


With the BVQ Accounting Package, BVQ can work with organizational objects such as cost centers, application groups, applications and volume groups. The SVC/Storwize volumes can be assigned to these organizational units, which then can be used for chargeback and different monitoring purposes.

These new organizational objects are also included in the BVQ Treemap - without restrictions and in the same way as any other SVC storage object - to display capacity and performance information with all analysis features like heatmap or capacity efficiency for all organizational levels.

The BVQ Accounting Package includes a special BVQ Accounting Report, which can be adapted to specific needs on request. With the open and documented ODBC interface, tools like Cognos Reporter or MS Excel can directly access prepared views in the BVQ database to fit individual reporting needs.

Solution Description

SVC and Storwize provide a large number of performance and capacity indicators, which are used by BVQ for monitoring, performance analysis and reporting. These values are also archived in BVQ for long term reporting purposes.  The BVQ GUI displays this performance and capacity information in the form of a tree map (Fig. 2), which allows a very quick and significant overview of the current operating conditions. Performance analysis for each object layer can be started directly from this GUI with only one mouse click.

The BVQ Accounting Package introduces a set of new BVQ objects like VDisk Groups, Applications, Application Groups and Cost Centers which are used to setup different layers of an organization and map volumes to these layers. This step attaches capacities with storage class data and live performance information to these organizational layers. This collected information can be used for monitoring, analysis, reporting and chargeback.

BVQ Accounting Package objects

All objects can be used for monitoring and analysis purposes in the BVQ Treemap or BVQ Performance View and will represent aggregates like sum of capacity or sum of IOPS or mean values like mean response time for this layer when used for this purposes.

  • BVQ Object VDisk Group: Collection of several SVC/Storwize volumes which belong together for one server or kind of operation into one group object. Typical VDisk Groups are all data volumes of a database.
  • BVQ Object Application: Collections of BVQ VDisk Group objects in one Application Object. Typical Application Objects are "Oracle_Venice" or "Exchange_Server_Munich".
  • BVQ Object Application Group: Collections of BVQ Application objects in one Application Group object like Databases or office applications.
  • BVQ Cost Center: Collections of BVQ Applications Group objects in BVQ Cost Center objects.

Reporting with the BVQ Accounting Package
The BVQ Accounting Package includes a special accounting report which can collect cost, capacity and performance information for all levels which have been created with the BVQ Accounting Package objects. This report will create pdf output.

Fig. 1: Excerpt of a BVQ Performances Report with Cost, Capacity and performances information

Reporting with other products like Cognos or Excel is supported with the use of the available BVQ database views for Accounting. These products will be connected with standard protocols like ODBC or JDBC.

Fig 2: BVQ Treemap with accounting information's. In this example the Treemap shows Managed Disks Groups with VDisks per application.

The BVQ Accounting Package objects can also be used in the BVQ Treemap. With this it is easy to monitor storage costs, Capacity usage, and performance needs of applications or complete cost centers. This allows quick ad hoc analyses to answer many cost, capacity or performance related questions without effort.
The BVQ Accounting Package Objects can be mixed with all other SVC objects. All analysis tools like Capacity Efficiency analysis or IO Heat Analysis can be used without limitations.

The objects of the BVQ Accounting Package can be used for performance analyses with the BVQ performance view. With this it is possible to analyze performance on all organization levels from volume Groups to applications, application groups up to the cost center
BVQ Accounting Package licensing
The BVQ Accounting Package is licensed based on the kind of storage system used.

  • BVQ Base Edition for IBM SAN Volume Controller based on SVC capacity
  • BVQ Base Edition for IBM Storwize V7000 based on number of V7000 Enclosures
  • BVQ Base Edition for IBM Storwize V3700 one license for the complete system
  • Mixed forms of SVC and Storwize products on request; special license in order to avoid double licensing

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