BVQ helps to reduce procurement costs 

With BVQ it is possible to determine exactly, which performance has to be provided by the storage system. This reduces the purchasing costs and also different follow-up costs such as for maintenance, power and cooling. By using BVQ under this approach, up to 75% of the procurement costs were be identified and saved in several projects. Further savings potentials can be found in management optimization and improved operational safety.

BVQ improves system´s reliability

There are several areas in which  BVQ improves the reliability of the system. For example by using intelligent alerting which responds not only to exceeded limit values but also to the incorrect positioning of a volume. Additionally, the reasons for performance bottlenecks can be quickly isolated by using the analysis functions. Thus BVQ increases the proactivity in storage management, because administrators who are using BVQ  know the limits of their storage systems and avoid problems before they can happen.



BVQ creates added value in every storage architecture

BVQ uses modules to extend the intelligence of companies´ storage system. Accounting, Service Level Management, monitoring of data- mirrors or the integration of VMware data into the overall assessment and analysis are only a few examples here. 


High efficiency and ease of use

BVQ is a product developed with practical experiences, providing a very high standard of usability and efficiency. 
The BVQ Treemap is ideal for a quick overview and monitoring. It is highly flexible and easy to use by using favorites. The Treemap capacity and performance information can be simultaneously displayed on a screen for clear recognition and easy to understand. The BVQ Performance View is the ultimate tool for performance analysis which is offered due to the possible technical depth in standard mode and in expert mode. Treemap and performance views can be saved as favorites in order to facilitate daily work even more.



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