What Is BVQ?
BVQ is the most sophisticated and comprehensive performance analysis and capacity monitoring and performance monitoring software in the market for IBM Spectrum Virtualize. (IBM’s storage products IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) or IBM Storwize). The IBM Storwize V7000 is an integrated part of the IBM PureFlex Systems which is also supported by BVQ.

BVQ presents all monitoring results in a unique way which allows monitoring and evaluating storage capacity plus performance plus optimization potential on one easy to understand screen.
BVQ allows economic storage efficiency and secure operation in a unique way and, thus, reduces costs and the operational risks for the customer. Being able to optimize those topics in this unique and transparent way gives the BVQ an unique selling point in the market.

What issues does BVQ solve?
The relevance of BVQ is enormous to users as at least 20% of all hardware spending is storage related and storage today is the foundation in the data centers. The core issues are secure operation and cost effectiveness.
Therefore, customers now are in need of storage systems that promise not only high performance and reliability but also significant savings in operational costs.
From a technical point of view, IBM storage systems like SVC or Storwize are designed to support the customer with a number of saving options. Data can be stored in different storage classes, can be migrated completely transparently between classes and 'Easy Tier' allows automation in certain circumstances. This provides a profound technical basis but the customer very often does not know how to make use of it because he is not able to measure and classify his performance and capacity needs. This is exactly where the significant value of BVQ comes into play and introduces a new way of storage handling.

  • BVQ improves cost effectiveness
    BVQ helps to an alyze the actual performance and capacity needs. The user is now able to include and balance economic and technical needs in his decisions about where to place his data: lower cost high capacity storage or more expensive high performance storage.

  • BVQ improves reliability and system uptime

    BVQ allows the user to perform Peak and Bottleneck Analyses. This feature is essential for every storage environment because asymmetric load situations may lead to so called 'response time peaks' which often cause severe problems for servers and applications. Asymmetric load distribution in storage can also degrade application performance. There is a strong need to detect and find root causes for bottlenecks and response time peaks in order to secure storage operations and to prevent them from becoming barriers to business in the future.

How does BVQ significantly improve processes or methodologies?
Due to the fact that setting up a monitoring solution may be complex and expensive, many customers run their storage operations blindfolded. On the one hand, running the monitoring software is often complex, while on the other hand it is also hard and complicated to understand and interpret the measured curves in a way that they provide useful and beneficial results.

Picture 1: The BVQ Treemap. On one view free capacity, used capacity, small and large volumes, hot usage or cold areas in your storage system. The colors are the expertise - blue means "underused", red means "hot area", green is OK and yellow warns that the volume "will become hot". The administrator can now decide where to place data best and what to do, to balance the load on the system and avoid bottleneck situations.
BVQ output is very simple to understand – due to a transparent GUI: Everything is presented in graphical form which shows used capacity, free space and performance information at one glance (Picture 1). This enables the user to easily handle the software in the following way:

  • The user is automatically focused on the top players, the ones that are interesting, because they are displayed in a larger format than the ones that are of minor interest.
  • The user can go into detail very easily with one simple mouse click, which leads him into an analysis of almost every measurable item in the storage system.

Picture 2: The BVQ Performance View:
It is no problem to perform an in-depth performance analysis for any object in the treemap – this is just one mouse click away. The performance view offers a wide range of data to analyze the behavior of the storage system in every layer. It is highly interactive, values can be switched on or off to find the best combination and to bring performance indicators in context.
The combination of the two areas in BVQ, Treemap and Performance View shown in Picture 1 and 2, allows administrators with different technical knowledge to get the most out of it. The Treemap allows the monitoring and optimization of storage use with an easy to understand GUI interface. The Performance View provides the tools with which the skilled administrator is able to perform root cause analyses and, thus, to ensure secure storage operation.

Typical BVQ Benefits

  • ROI Factor Easy Management BVQ Treemap presents all necessary information on one screen. The administrator has an excellent overview and is, therefore, easily able to monitor and optimize storage usage. This ensures necessary performance and reduces costs. The standard task storage migration is supported with a drag and drop interface.

  • ROI Factor Secure Operation BVQ Performance View supports in-depth root cause analyses to avoid bottlenecks or response time peak situations. It improves the understanding of technical storage needs which allows the proactive management of storage.

  • ROI Factor Storage Cost Reduction BVQ allows the administrator to find the most appropriate and cost efficient storage place for his volumes. Invests in high performance storage are protected, because the move of less demanding data to cheaper high capacity storage is favored wherever possible.

  • ROI Factor Integrated Storage Chargeback Feature With the BVQ Accounting Package, the customer can use BVQ for chargeback: BVQ produces accounting reports based on time, capacity and storage quality. This is fully integrated in BVQ and is based on the same data.
  • ROI Factor Integrated SLA Management Feature BVQ manages storage related SLAs. This ensures the proper completion of contractual requirements and the proper use and placement of
    storage with service level agreements. This excellent overview reduces the risks of contractual breaches which can lead to unexpected cost.

  • ROI Factor Secure Copy Services operationsWith the BVQ Copy Services Package the user can better monitor the copy links between the production and the backup side and the Flashcopies. This helps to improve security for the mirrored data.

  • ROI Factor common view to VMware and SVC / Storwize objects With the BVQ VMware integration Package SVC / Storwize and VMware can be monitored on one screen and in functional context. This makes it easy for example to figure which SVC volume supports the VMware virtual Servers.

We demonstrate our industry expertise with BVQ
With many customer SVC projects, we have had the opportunity to learn about typical administration situations of the customers. BVQ has been developed to support in these situations for easy and proactive management.
SVA is one of the largest Business Partners in the fields of SVC, with highly skilled experts and a broad and satisfied customer base. In the course of many projects, the need for this kind of solution showed. BVQ has been developed to solve exactly the customer's pain points which we have experienced in our SVC projects - and the success and response of the market has proved us right: Today, many IBM SVC and Storwize V700 customers successfully use BVQ in Germany and Switzerland.

Licensing Model

  • BVQ Base Edition for SVC Capacity based license same capacity as licensed for the SVC, BVQ Packages are also capacity licensed
  • BVQ Base Edition for Storwize V7000 Enclosure based licenseevery external attached storage systems will be counted as one enclosure
  • BVQ Base Edition for Storwize V3700 System based licenseone license for the complete V3700 system.

BVQ Base Edition for SVC, Storwize V700 and Storwize V3700

  • Treemap presentation of capacity and performance (5min, 4h, 24h and 7d) plus storage costs and prices
  • Reporting and detailed performance analysis of key performance indicators at different levels (end to end). Analysis of Compression and Capacity Effectiveness
  • Monitors several SVC and Storwize systems in one installation.
  • Visualizes capacity and performance with the interactive BVQ Treemap View
  • Supports in depth performance analysis with BVQ Performance View
  • Reports information's with BVQ Reporting Engine or open ODBC interface
  • Analyses IO density, response time compliance, capacity efficiency and more with coloring overlays

BVQ Accounting Package

  • Additional object levels for accounting like cost centers, application groups, application and volume groups
  • Accounting Report for all levels

BVQ Service Level Management Package

  • Compliance rating of existing SLAs. Analysis and evaluation of technical data class to store class ratios for all discs
  • Verifies the correct placement of the SVC or Storwize V7000 storage volumes on the basis of given SLA or technical rules like correct placement mirrored volumes

BVQ Copy Services Package

  • Ensures that the mirrored data is up-to-date
  • Monitors SVC copy services Objects

BVQ VMware Integration Package

  • Integrates VMware storage objects into BVQ Monitoring
  • Monitors VMware storage related objects in context to SVC/Storwize objects

BVQ Brocade SAN Package

  • SAN topology and performance
  • End to End Monitoring, alerting, reporting and analysis from the storage over the SAN and up to the Server side


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