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Business Volume Qualicision
BVQ Copy Services Package

Brief Description
The BVQ Copy Services Package extends the BVQ Base Edition by the recording and evaluation of SVC flash copy and remote copy (Metro Mirror / Global Mirror) information.
For this reason, five object types are additionally integrated in the BVQ environment:

Figure 1 BVQ Copy Services Package: Objects and Connections

These additional objects make it possible to bring about a relation between other selectable BVQ- and SVC objects, and to bring the SVC Copy Services into an overview. Additionally, a Drill Down of higher grouping objects till down in the SVC copy-functions is enabled. Thereby, typical questions can be answered, such as:

  • Which Volumes (VDisks) use Copy Services?
  • Is there a Disaster-Protection available for all Volumes of a Host or an application/- application group?
  • Do further Volumes or Clusters have to be included at the Analysis of a performance- problem?
  • How is the state of a Remote Copy relation from the view of all involved Clusters?
  • How high is the Remote Copy Transfer load of the transfer-routes between 2 Sites?

For the support of the solution of such questions, the BVQ Copy Services Package offers some already preconfigured BVQ Treemap favorites:

Figure 2: BVQ Copy Services Package: Work favorites in the BVQ GUI

The performance analysis of the transfer connection between SVC Clusters is simplified, through the possibility to retrieve Node to Node Performance directly from the context menu of a SVC Cluster Partnership. The selection of the connections is then directly limited to the involved Cluster connections, whereby the sum curve immediately indicates the overall-transfer load.
In the area of accounting, the BVQ Copy Services Package makes it possible, to include the applied copy mechanisms in the calculation of costs and prices. E.g. an application or application group can be determined for the organization objects, how much capacity is mirrored and which copy methods are applied for that. As a result, correspondent cost charge can be derived automatically.

Application Examples
Here is an example for Favorites "Cluster partner ... RC relation ... V-Disk":

And an example for the Path "Cluster → FC cons group → FC mapping":

In the object detail-views of the object types RC-Relationship, RC consistency group und Cluster partnership one can see the state of the attributes from the view of both involved clusters simultaneously, which makes analysis of problems quite simple:

Figure 3 Object Detail-View RC relationship

Figure 4 Object Detail-View RC consistency group

Figure 5 Object Detail-View Cluster partnership

Licensing for BVQ Copy Services Package

The BVQ Copy Services Package is licensed, depending on SVC/Storwize System:

  • BVQ Base Edition for IBM SAN Volume Controller Licensing on the bases of capacities in the SVC
  • BVQ Base Edition for IBM Storwize V7000 Licensing on the bases of V7000 Enclosures
  • BVQ Base Edition for IBM Storwize V3700 Licensing on the bases of V3700 Systems (one license per system)
  • Hybrid forms of SVC and Storwize Products Specific License on demand in order to avoid Double-Licensing

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