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Performance analysis and monitoring for IBM SVC and Storwize



The BVQ Livedump Watchdog helps, when an IBM support issue becomes such complicated, that a meaningful SVC / Storwize livedump or snap has to be sent to IBM support.

The Problem: Livedumps or snaps are only helpful if they contain information and statistics about the point in time the incident occured. But they typically contain such information only about the latest 15min before they are triggered. So it is essential to trigger them with a minimum delay after the critical situation occured. Usually triggering them is a manual action.

The Solution: BVQ Livedump Watchdog automates this task by continuously checking selected metrics against predefined thresholds and triggering the snap automatically. To select the most convenient metrics and thresholds a short analysis of existing performance measurements should be done first. This could be done with a standard BVQ installation or the BVQ offline scanner tool and the support from our BVQ performance expert team or as directed by IBM support personnel.

With that you get a meaningful snap as output which then can be sent to IBM support for further analysis.

Main attributes of the tool

  • Uses some basic parts of the BVQ infrastructure (Scanner, DB, Reporting service)
  • Directed by an easy to use GUI  
  • Supported threshold values
    • All BVQ performance metrics supported
    • Example:  Node Destage Max latency >  10s
  • Supported object types 
    • Node, VDisk, MDisk (more are planned for a future release )
    • Multiple objects can be used in any combination
  • Triggerable actions:
    • Shell script  (e.g. for being able to create snaps from SVA and underling Storwize systems) 
    • Trigger a Livedump
  • Already successful  in several customer cases

GUI screenshot