This document describes the scope of a typical BVQ POC installation for a customer.

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BVQ Demoprocess

Intention of a BVQ POC installation

What is BVQ:

BVQ  'Business Volume Qualicision' is a monitoring, performance-analysis and reporting solution for storage systems like IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) and the IBM Storwize family. By offering modular expansion BVQ can be expanded into a complete accounting and SLA management solution. Other modules allow the integration of VMware storage objects and cluster-wide copy services-areas into the BVQ monitoring.

The objectives of BVQ are cost reduction, improved reliability and the creation of new added value for the existing storage architecture.

Why a POC installation:

A BVQ POC installation will give you a great opportunity to get an overview and a deeper insight about the BVQ software capabilities and possibilities.

You will be able to

  • transform infrastructure complexity into a clear logical interface !
  • identify anomalies before business is impacted !
  • resolve issues in minutes rather than hours or days !
  • protect your environment !

During this POC installation of the BVQ software you will be able to test the entire BVQ software. Beside the BVQ base edition you might also want to try the additional features as outlined in the following

Additional packages which supports this BVQ installation are optionally available for testing:

  • The BVQ Accounting Package
    With the accounting package BVQ can be extended to a billing system for performance-related storage costs. New object types describing a corporate structure will be integrated into the treemap and are used for analysis and reporting. The accounting package also includes a special accounting report.
  • The BVQ Service Level Management Package
    With this extension service-level agreements can be saved in BVQ  and their conditions compliance  can be checked and verified. This package comes also with new objects for the BVQ treemap and allows a visual inspection and a special alerting for the requirements of the Service Level Management.
  • The BVQ Copy Services Package allows to monitor the existing copies between two SVC Clusters or FlashCopy links, thereby improving the reliability. The current state of the copies can be better controlled. Losses on the connection lines can be measured and evaluated in the analysis.
  • The VMware Integration Package reads storage-related objects from VMware with its own scanner and integrates this information into the BVQ Database. This allows a common representation and evaluation of SVC Objects with the virtual VMware servers. Thus, the VMware storage allocation from the virtual machine up to vCenter can be monitored easier. If a performance problem occurs in a VMware component, the affected volumes can be analyzed immediately.   

For detailed information about the additional options and packages please visit the following page - BVQ Web page:

Included services

During the entire BVQ POC installation, you will be supervised by an BVQ professional. This will include the following services for you:

  • The entire support before and during the BVQ installation and test phase

  • 4 times 2 hours workshop sessions with adjustable content. More information about the optional topics is outlined under the Content section.

  • An optional Quick Health Check based on your environment can be included. This QHC will give you a great first impression about the benefits of BVQ. However, if the QHC is requested, a mandatory installation of BVQ Offline Scanner in the customers environment is needed. Installation & how to details will be submitted by SVA Software Inc.

All sessions are based on remote support/service with an appropriate tool like WebEx.

Content of  workshop sessions

All 4 sessions will take approximately 2 hours depending on customer needs and questions.

Installation of BVQ and first introduction

In this session the BVQ Software will be installed at the customer site. Therefore a server / virtual machine is needed and all prerequisites must be fulfilled (SVC backend storage config, POC license, SVC/Storwize users, etc. - see Duration & licensing information). After the successful installation of the BVQ software in the customer environment a short introduction will be made. In this introduction a BVQ professional will give you a short overview for the basic administration of the BVQ GUI. This will enable the customer to start using BVQ and gain first experience with the software.

For further tasks & sessions it is essential to gather performance data for at least 1 week. After this period BVQ will offer a deeper view into the customers environment.

1. Workshop session

In this session the customer will get a detailed overview of the BVQ software and its single modules. With this information the knowledge about the general mode of operation for BVQ will be given. In case of claiming the BVQ Quick Health Check, this will be presented to the customer by a BVQ professional afterwards. After this presentation a short repetition of the BVQ GUI features will be made with an additional introduction of new features, which are available because of the gathered performance data between the installation and first workshop session. This sessions will end with a Q&A session based on customer needs and possible topics for the 2nd workshop will be discussed.

2. Workshop session

In the beginning of this session the additional packages (e.g. VMware, Accounting, Copy services, etc.) will be demonstrated to show the additional features of BVQ. In the end of the 2nd workshop session the monitoring & analysis features of BVQ will be shown. Again the session will end with Q&A based on customer needs and possible topics for the 3rd workshop will be discussed.

3. Workshop session

In the beginning of this session we will repeat some key features of BVQ, especially for monitoring and analysis. Additional features can be shown on customer requests (e.g. Reporting, Alerting, etc.). After this the BVQ roadmap & future features will be demonstrated to show the customer the upcoming development of BVQ. At the end of this last session the further steps from sales perspective will be discussed with the customer.

Duration & licensing information

A BVQ POC installation will be licensed for 4 weeks. The 4 remote sessions included will be scheduled once per week.

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled to start the BVQ POC:

Links for further information

BVQ Blog:




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