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BVQ provides insight into the performance and health of IBM Spectrum Virtualize storage, VMware virtualization, and Brocade SAN.
•Proactively identifies issues before the business operations are affected.
•Assists in optimizing the systems for best possible performance.
•Optimization does not have to be complicated!
•Tools that are used today are often complex, expensive, and difficult to use.

BVQ is easy to implement, easy to use, affordable and fits in all environments


BVQ Overview and product advantages

•Highly efficient and flexible analysis system
•Simple and easy-to-understand WEB monitoring
•Powerful, adaptable and flexible alerting
•Simple reporting via the web or intelligent systems such as Power BI or Excel
•More Business Insight on Service Level Management and Accounting
•End-to-end analysis and monitoring by integrating VMware and SAN with storage

SVA Services supports customization and complex analysis

Analysis for performance and cost optimization


Highly efficient and flexible analysis system

See everything at a glance...

   … capacities, performance and critical areas

•Heatmaps for performance, compression and alerts
•Ideal for analysis and storage planning

Optimize and balance systems ...

   ... increases efficiency and operation at a lower cost

•Favorite Dashboards already created
•BVQ supports structured problem analysis
•Extensive documentation available online

BVQ analysis is fast and efficient so that the root of the problem can be found within minutes


Proactive Monitoring and Alerting

Simple and easy-to-understand WEB monitoring

BVQ Monitoring is flexible and comprehensive ...

   ... super fast and complete access to all data

•Prepared dashboards for a comprehensive overview
•Specialized dashboards and alerts can be imported                                 e.g. Wallboards or customized problem-solving dashboards

Powerful alerting ...

   ... each metric can be turned into an alert

•Alerts are very flexible and automatically adapt to changes in the systems

An extensive collection of analysis examples are available as a guideline for analysis

With just one click the data is on the screen for monitoring!

BVQ Alerting warns early when problems become visible

Reporting and Business Insight

Reporting over the Web or intelligent systems like Power BI

Reporting and connection to external systems ...

   ... easy to use and can be integrated into Excel and Power BI

•New reporting templates are created via Point-and-Click
•Output as WEB report or PDF file

Even more insight into the context …

   ... BVQ modules for deeper "Business Insight"

•Review storage rules and SLAs
•Demand-based billing of storage costs
•Monitoring data mirroring

Complex reporting systems? Rocket Science? Not with BVQ!

New reports can be easily created and maintained

External systems are supplied with data via REST interfaces

End to End analysis across platforms

Add-on into the data center infrastructure

End to End Analysis and Monitoring ...

   ... by integrating VMware and SAN with the storage

•Standalone VMware and Brocade SAN analysis systems closely linked to storage analytics
•Analyzes in each systems with correlation to data across all areas
•The special strength lies in the integration with the storage

VMware analysis detached from storage ...

   ... with BVQ for VMware VSAN

•BVQ for VMware can be run as a stand-alone product
•BVQ for VMware VSAN

Real end-to-end analysis of storage, VMware and SAN integration

The seamless merging of these 3 areas enhances the performance of each individual area!

BVQ Services

Service supports customization and complex analysis

Operate BVQ yourself or run it as a service ...

   ... with the BVQ Monitoring and Reporting Service

•On premise installation in your own data center
•In house service installation or via the cloud

We are happy to help with complex problems and adjustments ...

   ... analysis as a service and other service options

•Planning Analysis, Proactive Health Checks, Problem Analysis
•Create personal reports and dashboards
•Create special notifications
•Connect BVQ to the business interface

Buy or run it as a service?

BVQ can be used as a pure service

Also adjustments or problem solutions can be provided by the SVA service


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