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The BVQ Storage Reporting Service (SRS)


The BVQ Storage reporting Service (SRS) is a solution which combines the strength of an onsite installed BVQ with the cost advantages of SaaS. SRS provides a very simple way for users to do storage monitoring by replacing time consuming monitoring steps with easy to understand reports. The SRS service is so sophisticated, that in case of unexpected performance problems a full BVQ analysis can be started immediately to quickly detect and fix any problems.

Solution Description

In many cases storage environments are very static and only extended from time to time. Here it is less important to perform daily monitoring and analysis but one must still keep an observant view eye on all the storage operations and capacity growth to avoid surprises.
To keep complexity low, the easiest way here is to work on reports which cover storage capacity growth and performance aspects.
In addition to this simplicity, it is desirable that also intensive analyses are possible at any time. The data used for reporting must be archived for a longer time to allow further analysis. Examples are planning for new storage, optimizations and performance bottleneck analysis.
Very deep knowledge and special experience is often needed for worthful analysis. Experts can help here with their special knowledge and experience.

BVQ SRS allows simple monitoring and enables appropriate analysis

With SRS a client with very low footprint is installed in the user data center, which collects the performance and capacity information and sends it to the next BVQ service point where it will be stored in fully qualified BVQ instances. All data transfer is encrypted.
An automated process is generating monthly performance and capacity reports which will be sent back to the user.
An optional part of the SRS service is the periodical health check. It is recommended to run health checks twice a year. This is the best way to keep the storage healthy and avoid unexpected problems (BVQ health check service)
BVQ/SRS data is an excellent base for capacity planning. This helps to reduce purchasing cost with a better understanding of measured performance and capacity needs prior to expansions. (BVQ planning analysis)
Most beneficial side effect on SRS is that all data is available for performance analysis at any time. The SRS scanner works continuously and collects all data, so if ever unexpected problems happen; the data is ready for analysis to overcome the performance problem quickly. (BVQ problem analysis service)

  • no need to invest into a storage monitoring and analysis infrastructure 
  • no need to understand all in-depth expert information
  • receive easy to understand performance and capacity reports 
  • minimize risks with planned health checks
  • reduce storage cost with planning analysis
  • solve unexpected performance problems with the help of experts


Example reports

The BVQ analysis service offerings

  • Storage Expansion Analysis (On-Site BVQ) With the Storage Expansion Analysis, the best storage mix can be determined to meet future requirements at optimal costs. Our experience shows that without any preparatory analysis often storage is purchased at too high performance level. For this reason, this analysis is recommended before each storage expansion.

  • Health Check Service (On-Site BVQ)  The Health Check Service requires an installed and running BVQ. It is used in a 'multi-eye system' to analyse the performance of the storage system deeply twice a year and also to discuss appropriate measures with the customer ensuring a continued safe operation of the storage system.

  • Problem Analysis Service (On-Site BVQ) This is a special, unscheduled service to analyze performance problems and for planning countermeasures. A bottleneck problem causes costs and trouble until it is solved. With the Problem Analysis Service, a SVA specialist can access the local BVQ server by remote connection to start an analysis immediately. Other options are the partial transfer of the last measurement period to our laboratory or an on-site visit to perform an analysis. A special form of Problem Analysis Service is the One Shot Analysis.

  • Remote Service (On-Site BVQ) For the Remote Service SVA-specialists access the locally installed BVQ by using a permanently connected remote access to perform necessary monitoring and analysis steps as a service measure. 

  • One Shot Analysis (Off-Site BVQ)  In the One Shot Analysis data is collected by an offline scanner and analyzed in our laboratory. The results can then be presented in the form of a workshop. The One Shot Analysis assumes no installed BVQ and can only detect problems which happen during the measurement period. The price the One Shot Analysis consists of the labor-price and a proportion for the rent of BVQ.

  • Storage Reporting Service (Off-Site BVQ) This is conceivable as the most innovative form of a monitoring / reporting service, which also offers in-depth performance analysis of storage environments. Often storage environments are very static and extended only from time to time. Here it is not necessary to perform a daily monitoring and to invest in appropriate software. For these requirements the BVQ Storage Reporting Service was developed, which records and encrypts the measuring data and transmits it to a central system. There it will be stored and analyzed. As a customer you will receive monthly easy-to-understand performance and capacity reports, which are also reviewed by an expert for anomalies. These data can be analyzed in any way, such as on a locally installed BVQ!

Examples of BVQ analysis

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