With BVQ version 3.4, we will achieve great improvements in the handling of Performance analysis.


BVQ 3.4 makes it easy to do performance analysis. Ideal for people starting with it.

BVQ 3.4 speeds up up performance analysis for experts

BVQ 3.4 is the only solution on the market which covers all relevant metrics up to the newest SVC / Storwize Family code 7.4
including vdisk copies analysis and upper cache analysis and lower cache analysis.


Highlights in this video:

  • New way of drawing curves speed up operation
    Automatic display of nearest measurement point
    Use keyboard to change time settings, use mouse wheel to zoom and unzoom
    Use right mouse button to controll everything with ease

  • Right mouse button menu to controll the complete analysis
    Highlight curves, Include data, exclude data, intelligent branch to other layers

  • BVQ 3.4 allows to branch through the complete IO Stack easily and with intelligence
    Intelligent sub menus will open only objects of interest
    Easy way ro go from volume -> cache belongign to volume -> mdisks beloning to volume or volumes belongig to mdisk
    as become as easy.

Download mp4 video