Treetable massively enhances the usability of the BVQ GUI. It is a complete new face to the user, that justifies to give this release a new major number - 4.0.

It shows all attributes of all available objects ordered according the same path the Treemap uses. It is a replacement of the classic table view always visible below the Treemap with a synchronized selection.

Now the user has two perfect methods for configuration browsing: Treemap and Treetable.

Treemap stays to be the best tool for to get an overview about load or capacities of concurrent consumer type objects in a shared resource like a pool, storage class or node. It is perfect to show group relations across all objects in one picture. Selected objects show up in all of their groups, in some cases only as single pixel, but visible.

Treetable as an extension of Treemap adds capabilities with even more benefits:

  • Perfectly suited for text based identification of objects
  • Selectively shows all objects with all of their attributes grouped in categories
  • Allows sorting and filtering
  • Arranges the object hierarchy according to the same path as Treemap
  • Keeps the selection of objects in sync with Treemap
  • Can be exported via system clipboard or CSV file.

Here is a picture of the whole story:

more information can be found here here Treetable


More highlights of Version 4

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