Ultra high resolution monitor support

Ultra High definition monitors (UHD) with resolutions up to 4k are increasingly used. With this release, BVQ is ready for use on such monitors and will benefit from the gained space and sharpness. We tested monitor scaling up to 175% on 27" and 32" 4k monitors with excellent results. Using the BVQ GUI on a two 32" 4k monitor environment is a good recommendation.


BVQ does not support multi-monitor connected to the same computer with monitors set to different scaling factors. Most of this will work, but there are too many known and inevitable problems caused by Java 8 and Windows 10 to support this completely.

Improved date-axis in Performance-View

We improved the usability of the date-axis shown in charts of a Performance-View. Based on the visible time period, tick marks (vertical lines) and according labels are adjusted dynamically. This will make it easier to align observed performance events with the time they occurred.

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