Comprestimator output visualization

Since version 7.6, the SVC code can include an output of the integrated Comprestimator utility. BVQ is now able to visualize the estimations in the object detail view or as a  coloring in the treemap. This unlocks a powerful feature to find suitable candidate volumes for compression or thin saving settings directly inside the BVQ GUI. Additionally it is easy to compare current vs estimated saving.

To use this feature you have to met the following prerequisites:

  • A cluster with SVC code version 7.6 or newer
  • Run the svc commands analyzevdisk or analyzevdiskbysystem at a recent point in time.




BVQ Version 5.0 RC doesn't support Comprestimator output without the -bytes option. The console output added support for -bytes first in SVC version >=

The next BVQ update will add support for Comprestimator output of SVC version 7.6 too.



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