Performance latency filter

With BVQ one can analyze 1000nds of objects quickly in one step. With drawing so many objects many of them will have phases with very small performance. These low performers tend to show undetermined latency peaks which are no real problem but overlay the analysis with worthless information.

With the new latency filter, you can precisely filter out these latency peaks. In order to be able to see the important information directly in a large number of objects.


Latency rubberband effect and smothing

With the filter the rubberband latency peak effect can be avoided
The latency rubber band effect in performance analysis

If you try to avoid theses latency peaks with curve smoothing the result will be completely falsified
Dangerous effects of curve smoothing


The picture is self animated and shows the effect of the latency filter. With no latency filter many spikes are visible but most of them are caused by very small load and are therefor not of interest. The picture shows the effect of latency filter set to 10IO/s which is a reasonable value for most cases and 1000 IO/s which only makes sens in some very specific cases.