Mongo DB support

Starting with this version, we support a modern NoSQL type DB called "Mongo DB" as the DB back end for all BVQ services. The use of IBM DB2 is now deprecated and will only be supported for existing installations by a limited time frame. New BVQ installations will only be supported with this Mongo DB back end. Upcoming releases with features and bug fixes will exclusively be available for Mongo DB BVQ installations.

Why did we do that?

Four summarized answers to that:

  • More modern NoSQL concept
  • More performance and scalability
  • Self-adaptive schema
  • Integrated installer

Mongo DB is based on a more modern NoSQL DB concept compared to a relational DB system like IBM DB2. Due to our experience, it is much faster for reading and writing huge amounts of less structured data like statistical measurements from a high number of concurrent measuring points. Most of the transaction processing is done in memory, so this is much faster too. Its compression is better, so data needs less disk space to be stored. Due to the fact that Mongo DB is a document typed NoSQL DB, it does no longer need complex schema migrations which simplifies adding new attributes or statistical metrics. The small MongoDB package (~110 MiB) is integrated in our BVQ standard installers. This puts the complete process under control of a single BVQ install-package and eases installs or upgrades a lot. Due to all this advantages of Mongo DB, we are much more scalable and cost efficient and are able to broaden support for much larger, multi-platform environments.


Go to the DB2 to Mongo DB migration guide!

Additional procedure needed

Upgrades from Versions 5.1.0 to 5.2.3 need an addition DB fix procedure. Please contact our BVQ support team up front.


Overview / Instruction Video