With Version 5.3 customers will be able to directly connect Excel to the BVQ system.
With this very nice reporting capabilities will become available.

The idea is that an Excel workbook bundles accesses and macros to generate full reports out of most actual BVQ data.

The handling is very easy.

  1. Create a BVQ favorite, which defines the data formats. In BVQ 5.3 there are already standard favorites covering all object levels.
  2. This favorite automatically gets a HTTP link which allows access to the current data via the BVQ server.
  3. This link will be used in excel as an additional data source
  4. With additional Excel methods, the output is automated in such a way that data is automatically converted, filtered, disordered.
  5. The further formatting of Excel then allows for special coloring, title, agendas or the integration of graphics.

If you are a customer or a partner you can access more information  here:

Getting started with the Excel connection (Version 5.3 Preview)