Capacity charting

A highly flexible capacity charting system is finally available inside the BVQ GUI.

In the past, capacity charting was only possible by using predefined reports with a fixed set of object types. It is now possible to chart all capacities the object is aware of. Charting options are provided as absolute and relative metrics for provider and consumer.

The usage is similar to performance charting with some minor differences:

  1. Capacity chart will open without any metric selection
  2. Default time range is set to 1 week
  3. Default interval is set to 6h and minimal time interval is 1h

Capacity charting performance depends on different conditions:

  1. Time range: The larger the slower
  2. Intervall: The bigger the quicker
  3. Selected Metric: If the object knows this capacity by itself, loading is much faster than calculation based on other objects