Storage expansion analysis (BVQ base analysis service)

With the storage expansion analysis, the best storage mix can be determined to meet future requirements at optimal costs. Our experience shows that without any preparatory analysis often storage is purchased at too high performance level. For this reason, this analysis is recommended before each storage expansion.


Health check service (BVQ base analysis service)

Regularly health checks are a recommended pro-active service for each BVQ supported SVC / Storwize environment. A storage expert checks the systems twice a year to detect issues before they become problems. Regular health checks lower the need for problem analysis. A health check presupposes an installed BVQ at customer side. A health check can be performed as One Shot Analysis Service when no BVQ is installed.


Problem analysis service (BVQ base analysis service)

This is a special, unscheduled service to analyze performance problems and for planning countermeasures. A bottleneck problem causes costs and trouble until it is solved. With the Problem Analysis Service, a BVQ specialist can access the local BVQ server by remote connection to start an analysis immediately. Other options are the partial transfer of the last measurement period to our laboratory or an on-site visit to perform an analysis. A special form of Problem Analysis Service is the One Shot Analysis.


One Shot Analysis

A one shot analysis can be used for any of the 3 base analysis services. The One Shot Analysis uses the BVQ offline scanner to collect data which will then be sent to the next BVQ service point for analysis. The One Short Analysis comes with a 3 months BVQ license and in this time frame subsequent scans can be made to find recommendations, implement them and watch the effect to the system. A disadvantage using the One Shot Analysis for solving performance problems is, that one either has to reproduce the problem or wait until it happens again.

BVQ Monitoring and Analysis Service

The BVQ Monitoring and Analysis Service gives an overview of the current performance and capacity utilization of the storage the SAN or the VMware environment. In addition, the collected data will allow deeper analysis.
The service is offered in two versions, the Basic Service and Premium Service. The basic service records 14 days of data that can be used for analysis. The premium service has longer recording periods and can be adapted to the wishes of the customer. In addition, the Premium Service includes SAN and a reporting component, in which an SVA service employee creates reports for the customer once a month and provides explanation to the customer if required.


Remote service

Specialist of our partners or SVA can easily access BVQ by using a permanently connected remote access to perform necessary monitoring and analysis steps.
Please contact us to talk about needed services.

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