We have various information about BVQ available here.

To operate BVQ you always use the base product with one or more platforms.
After installation, the platforms integrate seamlessly into the overall product and result in what we understand as true end-to-end monitoring, reporting, alerting or analysis.

BVQ can be used for:

  • Web monitoring
  • Deep analysis of performance relationships and problems
  • Reporting to PDF or via a web interface
  • Alerting with the help of the very clear Systems Health map
  • Alerting with forwarding of the alerts via interfaces
  • Input provider for BI systems or ITSM such as Splunk, Elsastic, Nagios, SAP BI, MS Power BI

BVQ currently supports the following platforms:

  • Storage
    IBM Spectrum Virtualize products, IBM Flash products

  • SAN
    Brocade SAN, Cisco SAN

  • Compute
    VMware, VMware VSAN

We at SVA would be happy to support you with installation support, but also with analysis or the creation of special dashboards or reports.

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You can find the following documents here:

Brochures for an quick overview:
can be found here in German and English

Spec Sheets for more detailed information:

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