One thing to mention!

It is easy to use BVQ - but sometimes it is hard to understand the meanings of performance-view data correctly. We are the specialists who give suppot to understand what you are seeing.
To give you a better start, we offer you to get in contact with us if you need support interpreting your data.


  1. Can I run a BVQ demo without a license
    No - please send us a mail to request a demo license

  2. What information is needed to create a BVQ license

  3. How long does it take to install BVQ?
    The installation normally only takes 1-2 hours. After these 2 hours BVQ can be started.

    After installation you should plan to customize BVQ for the IO density analysis.
    The time for this is very much depending on the complexity of your storage environment.
    Customize BVQ for IO density analysis (This step is not needed for V7000 and V3700)

  4. The scanner doesn't start!
    Are you able to connect to the SVC or Storwize from the BVQ server? (test with Putty)
    Did you setup the statistic collection to 5 minutes?
    (Starting with BVQ 3.x it is also possible to work with 1 minute)

  5. I have problems to install the BVQ license key.
    Some issues may occur if the license key is stored on a network device - please retry with the license key read directly from the BVQ server.

  6. On install BVQ says BVQ license key is invalid.
    In this case you might have a license key which doesn't fit to the actual version you are installing - please send a note to before you lose time with try and error.

  7. How long does it take to get first data after the installation has finished?
    This depends on the size of your storage system - you can expect the first data 5 to 15 minutes after the scan process has started.

  8. What is the reason for not shown long term indicators in the treemap after the install had been finished?
    The reason is simple - it needs about 7 days to collect data to show a 7 day mean value. So after 7 days of constant data collection you will be able to see all data in BVQ.

  9. What is the reason for a not working IO Heat display in BVQ - it doesn't show any results?
    You need to customize BVQ by adding disk type and array information because BVQ uses this information as base for creating the IO heat map.
    Below is a link to explanations how BVQ can be customized:
    English link: Customize BVQ for IO density analysis
    German link: Qualifizierung (use section 'disk type', 'array with mdisk')