Imagine there would be a method helping you as a partner to quickly overcome and solve storage performance problems of your customers

You would be able to identify and solve approximately 80% of all typical problems without having to wait for the manufacturer.

If you were a customer having to choose between two partners, the one having the ability to help you quickly, the other not.

How would you decide as a customer?



Small and medium sized customers have the greatest need to catch up here. They often have the same type of problems as bigger companies but usually cannot afford the ownership of powerful in-house teams solving these. Due to their company size, they are not treated as the bigger ones from the different manufacturers.

BVQ makes it easy for partners to offer this high value service to their customers. This is a game changer, which will open new chapters in customer relationship and competition.


Why becoming a BVQ partner?

  • BVQ is proven for years in performance monitoring and problem analysis.
  • BVQ is easy to use and technically at the newest support level.
  • BVQ is a cost-effective solution which covers all price segments from offline scanning up to complete service environment for many client installations.
  • BVQ partners receive a briefing to work quickly, independently and also have access to a library where many problems and solutions are described.
  • BVQ's expert team will assist in case of complicated problems.


Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a BVQ Partner or you are a customer looking for a BVQ Partner.
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Typical BVQ storage services

 Reduce storage cost with proper planning. The storage expansion analysis service

Storage expansion analysis

With the storage expansion analysis, the best storage mix can be determined to meet future requirements at optimal costs. Our experience shows that without any preparatory analysis often storage is purchased at too high performance level. For this reason, this analysis is recommended before each storage expansion.

Example: BVQ planning analysis for SVC Storwize example
 Keep systems up and runnnig. The pro active health check service

Health check service

The Health check service requires an installed and running BVQ or the usage an offline scanner run with a temporary license. It is used in a 'multi-eye system' to analyze the performance of the storage system deeply twice a year and also to discuss appropriate measures with the customer ensuring a continued safe operation of the storage system.


Information: BVQ Health Check checklist
 Solve performance problems quickly before they really hurt. The problem analysis service

 Problem analysis service

This is a special, unscheduled service to analyze performance problems and for planning countermeasures. A bottleneck problem causes costs and trouble until it is solved. With the Problem Analysis Service, a BVQ specialist can access the local BVQ server by remote connection to start an analysis immediately. Other options are the partial transfer of the last measurement period to our laboratory or an on-site visit to perform an analysis. A special form of Problem Analysis Service is the One Shot Analysis.

Example: BVQ problem analysis services for SVC and Storwize

 Setup an an infrastructure to centrally monitor many customer installations. The storage reporting service

 Storage reporting service

This is conceivable as the most innovative form of a monitoring / reporting service, which also offers in-depth performance analysis of storage environments. Often storage environments are very static and extended only from time to time. Here it is not necessary to perform a daily monitoring and to invest in appropriate software. For these requirements the BVQ Storage Reporting Service was developed, which records and encrypts the measuring data and transmits it to a central system. There it will be stored and analyzed. As a customer you will receive monthly easy-to-understand performance and capacity reports, which are also reviewed by an expert for anomalies. This data can be analyzed in any way, such as on a locally installed BVQ!

Details: BVQ Storage Reporting Service

 Quickly help without a BVQ installation at customer side. The one shot analysis

 One Shot Analysis

In the One Shot Analysis data is collected by an offline scanner and analyzed in our laboratory. The results can then be presented in the form of a workshop. The One Shot Analysis assumes no installed BVQ and can only detect problems which happen during the measurement period.

 The BVQ offline scanner

 no sleepless nights any more .. the livedump watchdog service

The BVQ livedump watchdog Tool helps, when an IBM support issue becomes such complicated, that a meaningful SVC / Storwize livedump or snap has to be sent to IBM support. BVQ livedump watchdog will be installed and configured to recognize the wanted situation automatically to create the dump when it happens.

Details: BVQ Livedump Watchdog (hidden)


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