Brocade SAN BNA / SMI Server

Important requirement: a separate system/server is needed to run the Brocade SMI Server, that scans all the switches.

Brocade SAN BNA / SMI Server user

For the operation of BVQ Brocade SAN Scanner, a user is required on the SAN BNA or Brocade SMI Server.
The user
should at least have "Operator role" and AOR (Areas Of Responsibility) ="All Fabrics, All Hosts".
(warning) Please create this user before configuring the BVQ Scanner. We recommend to name the user: bvq


Gather information for BVQ Scanner configuration

BVQ scanners need the following information to be configured for each System.

For each Brocade SAN / Switch:

  • Cluster IP address or hostname
  • Cluster user ID and password (Administrator privileged)