Cisco SAN Scanner

Cisco SANs are scanned using the Cisco DCNM. Data for all SAN fabrics managed by the DCNM are automatically collected by a single Cisco SAN scanner instance. Data is collected using SMI-S.

Cisco DCNM user

A user with operator perspective is sufficient for BVQ to collect data from the DCNM (user role "network-operator"). Users with admin perspective will also work (user roles "global-admin", "network-admin", "san-admin", or "san-network-admin").

Gather information for BVQ Scanner configuration

BVQ scanners need the following information to be configured for the DCNM:

  • DCNM server IP address or DNS name
  • DCNM user and password for the bvq user
  • Port number (default: 5989)
  • SSL certificate handling
  • namespace (default: cimv2)