BVQ offers you the feature of reporting.

If you like to create a report, you need an template. This will be used as a blueprint for created reports. BVQ will be delivered with ready to use templates for the supported platforms.
These are basically overview Reports for storage capacity and performance.

If you like to create a report, login to the BVQ-Server and by clicking on the Reporting-tab.

Via the subtabs you can

  1. manage generated reports
  2. administrate the templates, that are used to create a report
  3. schedule the reports
  4. the Datasources as links for REST API calls
 Click to expand: Reporting sidebar

Reporting Sidebar - Gliffy


By selecting the Reports-tab, you have access to all generated Reports.

Here, you see the information of currently running and generated Reports.

With the action buttons, you can download a Report (1), create a new one (2), edit the template of a self created Report (3), get the information about a Report (4) or delete a single one (5).

 Click to expand: Reports overview

Reports Generated - Gliffy


If you like to manage your reporting templates, just choose the Templates-tab.

Here you can create a new template (1), see alle generated Reports of a template (2), generate a new report out of a template (3), create a schedule for the report (4), edit a self created template (5), clone an existing template (6) or to delete a self created template (7) .

 Click to expand: Reporting Templates overview

Reporting Templates - Gliffy


In this tab, you see all created schedules for the different templates.

You have now the possibility, to see a list for all created reports out of a template (1). If you didn't changed the default for the TTL during the installation,the oldest report can be created before 30 days. Also you can edit a single schedule (2), get a link to the latest generated report where you also get the option to download that report (3) or to delete a single schedule (4).

 Click to expand: Reporting Scheduling overview

Reporting Scheduling - Gliffy


Here, you can select available favorites to access it via REST API (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Elasticsearch, Splunk, ...).

 Click to expand: Reporting Datasources

Reporting Datasources - Gliffy