If you like to change the Date and Time format or manage the Server tours, you have to enter the User settings.

You have two ways, to access to this settings.

  1. Login to the Server and use the icon in the top right corner
    1. Select Settings(a)
  2. Select the tab in the sidebar with the account name
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Way to the user settings - Gliffy

The settings are separated into two categories:

User settings (3) and Server tours (4).

Under User settings, you can configure the Date (5) and Time (6) format.

Under Server tours, you can enable or disable the different tours to exploring the web GUI.

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User Settings Gliffy

Change the user password

If you like to change the password of your user, click on the icon in the top right corner (1). In the pop up menu, click on Password (a).

This will take you to the "Change your password" site.

Here you have to enter the current (2) and the new (3) password.

To end this process, click on the Update-button (4).

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Changing the password 1

Changing the password 2