Detail information about the SVC / Storwize Health Check

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A storage environment is a very complex system which is only able to develop its full potential, if it is configured optimally.


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There are several risk factors which might cause only small problems or increased costs. However, if recognized too late, they lead to bottlenecks or in extreme cases even to a standstill. With BVQ we analyze an IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) or an IBM Storwize in depth. We can help to clarify various questions:

• How is the system´s capacity?
• What is the load limit?
• How can the system be expanded cost-effectively?
• Are there any current risks or bottlenecks

Even if you are not a BVQ customer today, we want to make this analysis accessible for you in a special offer to get acquainted to it. For demonstration a BVQ system is installed in your storage environment, collecting data in a period of at least two weeks from the SVC or Storwize V7000.

Then an expert will evaluate this data and provide a documentation which will be discussed together with you in a workshop.
Today we want to offer you this analysis for the fixed amount of $7000. In consultation with us, the scope of the analysis can still be expanded.

If you are not a SVA customer, you can also buy this service from one of our partners.
Please contact us and we will be happy to organize everything needed.

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    • Current licenses, current utilization

Volume / Disk group analysis
    • Pools: load/performance, load limits
    • Volumes: capacity, top performer, latency
    • Backend storage: topology, load balancing
    • Server: capacity, top performers
    • Nodes: capacity, load balancing
    • SAN port: topology and analysis

Storage- / Tier-analysis
    • Storage – Tier(steps) analysis for capacity planning

Storage efficiency analysis
    • Thin Provisioning efficiency
    • Compression efficiency

Technical analysis (utilization/risks)
    • SVC/V7 nodes with global R/W cache
    • Storage pool (MDG) cache partitions
    • SAN ports with error conditions

* Plus VAT. The BVQ installation and the evaluation workshop-costs are included in this price, but not the traveling expenditures needed for these activities. Installation and evaluation will be carried out via remote. This offer is limited to one storage environment per customer!






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It takes us only 20 seconds after the launch of BVQ to find the first answers for performance issues. The CPU usage of the SVC or Storwize is low with only 3% to 6%, the global R/W cache is on standard values but the global write cache fullness is much too high. A reason for this can be a slow storage backend or some SAN issues. The result of these peaks is normally what a server admin would describe as a slow SAN storage.


You have the knowledge and the tool – this allows you to go deep into the SVC and figure out what in detail happens in the cache partitions of the SVC. Each managed disk group is a cache partition and we have been alarmed by the global cache that there might be an issue. There is a quick way to find out which managed disk group is in trouble. From there we can go on into the analysis of the volumes.

It is only some mouse clicks away to see what is going on with the SVC Node ports. This analysis shows that the data rates on the ports are not an issue. Typical SAN errors are also not visible but the yellow line tells us about a SAN blockage. The SVC had to wait up to 40% of its working time for SAN Buffers.  This might be a wrong parameter in the SAN switch or a slow draining device in the SAN.