Contact the BVQ Team

13 people are working in the SVA BVQ team to develop the best software and support you using it.
We have collected a few statements from the team here.


Thomas – BVQ Product Manager

“My vision of BVQ is a monitoring tool providing an excellent overview and the best analysis for your storage environment, being able to solve the real hard performance problems in the shortest time”


Anne-Kathrin - Worldwide Sales

“Most of my SVC / Storwize customers use BVQ and all of them are so satisfied with the possibilities and the additional services we can provide with BVQ”


Michael - Worldwide Tech. Sales & Performance Analyst

"We often need only 10 minutes to find the reasons for long lasting performance issues"



Felix - Performance Analyst, Training, Support & Software testing

"I love to collect all type of feedback and new ideas from our customers to improve BVQ even further. Short communication paths in our team allow me to bring them forward very quick."




Gustavo - Sales Assistant

"I am happy to assist you when you plan a BVQ demo or an offline scan"





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