This is a first preview of the new BVQ traffic light dashboard which is currently under development.

This is a prototype! The ultimate Design will look different!

We will present this prototype the first time at the IBMTechU in Atlanta from 29 Apr – 3 May 2019

Visit us at out booth in the solution area!

With the BVQ Traffic Light Dashboard you no longer have to monitor hundreds of graphs and know about limit values.

You don't have to sort the output of masses of alerts.

Just relax and look at one screen that gives you the most actual health of your entire environment.

  • Are there problems in the SAN or in VMware or in my Spectrum Virtualize Storage?
  • What kind of problems?
  • The answers are just a few clicks away.

The BVQ Traffic Light Dashboard is a a simple and clear presentation with which you can discover
problems in detail without having to look at any curve.

It is so simple - follow the colors!

  • Follow the blue light path to find optimization potential
  • Follow the red light path to discover current problems
  • Follow the yellow light path to see risks
  • You do not have to follow the green light path - everything is fine here.


The data is based on a lab system this is why you see so many error conditions (smile)

The animated picture shows: (Click to start the animation)

  • We start with an overview of all systems VMware, SVC, SAN and BVQ
    here we have an alert signal on VMware and SVC and an warning in the SAN

    Now follow the red light path to find the problem!
    • Unfold SVC and recognize an error in Storage Provide Frontend
    • Unfold Storage Provide Frontend and find that we have a problem in the area of the MDisk tiers
    • Unfold MDisk tier and find that an Alert rule about MDisk tier level latency has an Error state
    • Look into there Details of the Alert rule to find the MDISK Tiers which have the problem

Click to start the animation :

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