Create an HMC user for BVQ

A user is required for the operation of the BVQ PowerVM Scanner who should at least have read-only (hmcviewer) access to the HMC.

(warning) Please create this user before configuring the BVQ Scanner. We recommend to name the user "bvq"

(warning) Please open the user properties dialogue and select "Allow remote access via the web"

Add User dialogueUser Properties dialogue

Enable performance data collection

BVQ can only collect performance statistics if "Data Collection" on the managed systems and LPARs is enabled.

BVQ Scanner configuration

To configure a PowerVM scanner in BVQ the following information is required:

  • IP address or hostname of the HMC
  • User and password of the HMC user for BVQ

(warning) Typically two redundant HMCs manage the same IBM Power systems. Please make sure that only one scanner for one of the HMCs is being created to avoid duplication in BVQ.