Thank you for your interest in BVQ!

Do you want to start a BVQ demo or do you want to run an offline scan?

  • With the demo installation you will have BVQ in your environment with full access to the GUI, being able to develop performance monitoring and troubleshooting activities by yourself.

  • With the Offline Scanner you just need to download it and let it run for some days, it will create a DB, send us the DB for a quick health check of your environment and one of our BVQ experts will show you how BVQ works in your environment.        

Let’s start with the Demo installation! 


  1. It really makes sense to contact us before you start. We will help you with all the needed steps
    By contact form or see our contact information!

  2. To start with a BVQ demo installation, you will need a demo license -  please send us the information needed to create a demo license to, so we can create a license for you. 

  3. Prepare a Windows server which can also be a VMware guest system - please find more details here BVQ demo installation - step by step

  4. We offer you support during the installation process - It can only be done by remote tools, which could be GotoMeeting, Teamviewer, Cisco Webex or any other tool which allows us to work on your BVQ Server

  5. BVQ is easy to use - the output from BVQ is very detailed - we will provide you an introduction in how to interpret the results including tips and tricks  
    Contact the BVQ Team!

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