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Some information about your BVQ manged systems is needed to create a BVQ license key file. In general, BVQ licensing is tailored per system and its size. To identify a system, a scanable unique ID is needed that should be stable as long as BVQ is used to monitor it. The metric used to express the size of a system in a BVQ license is system specific. Capacity, number of enclosures, ports, VMs are good examples for this.

IBM Spectrum Virtualize (SVC), Storwize & Flash Systems

These products are either licensed by managed capacity (TiB) or number of enclosures. Refer to Supported Storage Systems for more information.

In order to generate a license key, the following information is needed from the systems that are going to be monitored by BVQ:

  • Cluster alias ID to uniquely identify the system
  • depending on the licensing model (TiB or enclosure): amount of managed storage or number of enclosures

This information can be collected using CLI (recommended) or GUI.

Retrieve the information using the CLI

Run the following command on every system that is going to be licensed:

svcinfo lssystem
svcinfo lssystem | while read key value; do [[ "$key" =~ ^(id_alias|total_mdisk_capacity|name|statistics_status|statistics_frequency|code_level)$ ]] && echo "$key $value"; done


name svc2
total_mdisk_capacity 6.5TB
statistics_status on
statistics_frequency 1
code_level (build 143.5.1806231711000)
id_alias 000002032060FCAA


For enclosure based licensing the following command needs to be run in addition:

svcinfo lsenclosure

Retrieve the information using the GUI


The following screenshots were taken from a system running SW level 8.1.3. Different SW levels might require a different approach. Please refer to the IBM documentation for your system.

Open the SVC/Storwize/FlashSystem GUI and go to Monitoring → System → Actions → Properties

In Dashboard → Capacity, you can find information about the total mdisk capacity:

VMware vCenter Systems

The content of the vCenter instance UUID attribute is needed to license the BVQ VMware integration package. This is just a extension package which is rated against the size of the preconditioned BVQ licensed IBM storage system (see above).

UUIDThe UUID of the vCenter serversDD19DA39-3894-4068-B931-9A14A638FA06


You can find this information using the vCenter web GUI

  1. Follow this URL
    Exchange the field <system_ip_address> with DNS name of your vCenter System. Example is

  2. Enter a valid username and password

  3. Lookup the row with the name instanceUuid :

Brocade SAN Network Advisor Systems

In order to generate a license key, the full qualified domain name is needed from the BNA-SMI Agent Server.


Full qualified domain name is:




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