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Performance analysis and monitoring for IBM SVC and Storwize


BVQ licensing


BVQ Base Edition and expansion packs

The Base Editions of BVQ (referred to as BVQ for SVC and Storwize) can be extended by the following packages.
Depending on the target system (SVC, V7000, V5000 or V3700) BVQ Base Edition and the expansion packs are licensed differently.

BVQ expansion packs:

  • BVQ Accounting Package
  • BVQ Service Level Management Package
  • BVQ Copy Services Package
  • BVQ VMware Integration Package

BVQ for SVC, Storwize V9000

BVQ for SVC and the expansion packs are licensed by capacity-amount. To determine the correct number of TB's the SVC command 'LSLICENSE' can be used to determine the value for 'used virtualization'.
This value is the capacity currently used in the SVC and is always less or equal to the licensed SVC capacity.

When ordering the expansion packs the identical number of TB is used for the assignment.

BVQ for SVC automatically includes all Storwize systems which are exclusively attached to the SVC and already licensed for BVQ. These systems may be monitored additionally without any further licensing needed.

BVQ for Storwize V7000, V5000

BVQ for Storwize V7000, V5000 and the expansion packs are licensed by the number of enclosures. In this case, it doesn´t matter which kind of discs and how many of them are used in the enclosures. The Storwize controller is always the first enclosure.

When Storwize virtualization is used to attach other storage systems, each virtualized storage system is counted as one enclosure. When ordering the BVQ expansion packs the identical numbers of enclosures is used for the assignment.

BVQ for Storwize V3700

The BVQ Base Edition for Storwize V3700 and the expansion packs are licensed by the number of systems. In this case, it doesn´t matter with how many discs or enclosures the Storwize V3700 is equipped. The BVQ BAse Edition for Storwize V3700 is only licensed for the usage of BVQ in a Storwize V3700 system.

When ordering the expansion packs the identical numbers of systems are used for the assignment.


License extensions

License extensions are always calculated as the difference of the extended license price minus the price of the existing license.


BVQ Base Edition and expansion packages

BVQ Base Edition for SVC, Storwize V7000, V5000 and V37000

  • Presentation of capacity and performance values in a treemap (5min, 4h, 24h and 7d)
  • Reporting and detailed analysis of key performance indicators at different levels (end to end). 
  • Analysis of compression and capacity effectiveness
  • Monitors several SVC and Storwize systems in a single installation.
  • Visualizes capacity and performance with the interactive BVQ Treemap View
  • Supports in-depth performance analysis with BVQ Performance View
  • Alerting based on rules (can be extended with expansion packages)
  • Reports information with BVQ Reporting Engine or open ODBC interface
  • Analyses IO density, response time compliance, capacity efficiency and more with coloring 


BVQ Accounting Package:

Integrates storage cost accounting with accounting report and interactive monitoring
on the enterprise and application levels.

  • Additional treemap organizational object-levels from cost center applications to VDisk group
  • Provides additional, organizational embossed representation of storage usage and performance-,
    capacity analysis for all additional levels
  • New BVQ objects: cost center, application groups, applications, volume groups
  • Accounting report and access to BVQ accounting data via ODBC


BVQ Service Level Management Package:
Supports monitoring of storage service level agreements. It also enables the gathering
of storage´s costs and price, and other data-placement checks.

  • Checks the correct placement of storage volumes in the SVC storage environment based on the given SLAs or technical rules, 
  • e.g. placement rules of mirrored volumes.
  • Verification of correct storage locations for data mobility and volume copies
  • Enables cost and price calculation on the object levels
  • New BVQ objects: data classes, storage classes, SLAs
  • Compliance reports can be created on request. BVQ SLM data access via ODBC

BVQ Copy Services Package:
Supports the monitoring and surveillance of the SVC advanced copy services.

  • BVQ supports the monitoring and surveillance of the SVC advanced copy services, such as flash copy and remote copy.
  • The status of individual copies can easily be determined and evaluated via the object-detail from the point of view of the involved clusters.
  • New BVQ objects: flash copy mapping, flash copy consistency group, remote copy relationship, remote copy consistency group, cluster partnership.
  • Reports can be created on request. BVQ copy services data access via ODBC


BVQ VMware Package:
Supports the monitoring, recording and the evaluation of storage-related objects of a VMware
vCenter environment in context with the SVC / Storwize storage environment

  • Specifically developed scanner for VMware vCenter. BVQ data is stored in the database
  • Full integration of the VMware objects with the SVC/Storwize objects in the treemap. Illustration and analysis of VMware objects also
    possible without SVC/Storwize objects. Integration with BVQ storage efficiency analysis for VMware Thin Provisioning
  • New BVQ objects: VMvCenter, VMdatacenter, VMcluster, VMhost, VMSCSI volume, VMdatastore, VMdatastore cluster, VMvirtual disk, VMvirtual machine
  • Reports can be created on request. VMware BVQ data access via ODBC