Full support of the new SVC/Storwize Family 7.3

Version 3.3 will be an intermediate step, which we make available quickly, so that the new SVC / Storwize versions 7.3 can be analyzed.
With BVQ V3.3 we will support all SVC/Storwize code levels from until the current 7.3.x.

The already available BVQ V 3.2 supports  SVC/Storwize V7.3 but without processing the new metrics of the upper and the lower cache.
The new metrics will be supported with BVQ V3.3

We expect the general availability of BVQ3.3 In the next few weeks,  

Docking framework

This ebay style picture from my desk shows what it is.

The new docking framework in BVQ allows to extract screens from the main window and put them elsewhere on the the desktop.
And even more! You can for instance create a frame on a second screen an mange many BVQ Windows inside this frame.



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