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Performance analysis and monitoring for IBM SVC and Storwize


Detailed information:

The BVQ Base Edition can be extended by 5 different packages. This makes it easy to add value to the storage for different needs


BVQ Base Edition

  • BVQ Treemap Module for capacity & performance monitoring and reporting engine with ODBC access to BVQ data
  • BVQ Performance View for technical analysis
  • BVQ alerting and analysis modules 
    •  BVQ IO Density Heat Map analysis
    •  BVQ Response Time Compliance analysis
    •  BVQ Space Efficiency with compression and Thin Provisioning analysis

  • SVC, IBM Flash System V9000

  • Storwize V7000, V5000

  • Storwize V3700

BVQ Extra Packages

  • Storage cost
  • Interactive monitoring on organizational layers
  • Accounting reports
  • Ensures compliance with storage class related SLA's
  • Checking and reporting compliance based on policies
  • Ensures that the mirrored data is up-to-date
  • Displays, monitors and analyzes metro / global mirror
  • Monitors of VMware storage related objects in context with SVC/Storwize objects
  • Displays effectiveness of VM Thin Provisioning
  • SAN topology and performance
  • End to End Monitoring, alerting, reporting and analysis from the storage over the SAN and up to the Server side
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