SVC - MDisk group capacity detail

Displays the capacity information with the efficiency of SEV and compression of one or several selected MDisk groups.

This dashboard needs a little more time to be fully displayed (1-2 minutes per selected MDisk group) because a lot of data has to be calculated from many periods. You can reduce the number of selected MDisk groups or the time period displayed to speed up loading.


  • Row with selected capacity statistics: Allocated, Available, Free %, Capacity coverage %, Virtual capacity & Capacity savings
  • Allocable vs. allocated, free % and cap. coverage %: Shows the allocable capacity (orange) compared to the already allocated capacity (blue) with free % (dashed orange) and SEV% cap coverage (red)
  • Virtual vs. allocated and capacity efficiency: Shows the virtual capacity compared to the already allocated capacity (filled in blue)

Possible adjustments:

  • Times are always set in capacity charts for very long periods
  • Typical periods are 1 year or several years
  • Please set the interval always to 1 week (1w)
  • The first time it takes to access the data may take longer

Hints & restrictions:

  • Each Panel has it's own additional help text

Time range and interval settings:

  • Time Range: use long time intervals like 1 year or several years
  • Interval: us 1w for capacity charts use 4 weeks for several years

Select Options:

  • Select a cluster or a M

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