This dashboard provides an overview of the SVC VDisk performance and the related VMware Virtual machine performance on different levels.
Please follow the outlined workflow to get the best results.


  • Use the selection dropdowns to pick one or multiple SVC Cluster
  • Based on the SVC Cluster selection the "VDisk IO load on SVC Cluster selection" displays all SVC VDisks. A filter is set to display only SVC VDisks holding VM SCSI volumes. The chart provides an overview of the current load situation.
  1. Determine whether a VDisk is causing a higher workload or is out of a specific range.
  2. Note the name of the suspected VDisk.
  3. Pick the VDisk in the template / selection. If necessary, delete all other previous selections.
  4. Compare this workload on the SVC section with the data represented in the VMware section.

Each Panel has it's own additional help text

Select options

  • Interval: The Interval corresponds to the fixed interval setting in the BVQ GUI. Increase the interval for longer time ranges.


  • Objects can only be selected using the drop downs
  • Check boxes within a drop down allows to select multiple objects. For each selected object you will get separate metrics
  • All drop downs are dependent on each other and simulates the BVQ Path browser.

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