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Performance analysis and monitoring for IBM SVC and Storwize














BVQ Service as perfect addition

BVQ system experts from our partners or from SVA own high experience in analysis and best practices for IBM storage systems. Also, the so-called 'Storage Health Check' is offered with BVQ, representing a very deep analysis of the current memory situation. For complex storage bottlenecks the BVQ team is at your disposal to determine the cause and to find a solution quickly.

New and innovative service concepts

In many cases, a  monthly report including all important information about the storage situation is sufficient. Then, a cost-effective service is offered by BVQ which  creates and provides a clearly organized monthly report based on measurement data obtained from SVC. The special feature here:  thereby historical performance data is archived for a longer period archived, which can also be used  later for performance analysis.

Typical forms of analysis

Analysis can be a very broad term - a distinction can be roughly made between planned and unplanned analyses. Unplanned analysis is a critical bottleneck examination, where it is important to respond in a short time to eliminate the bottleneck. The planned analysis can be divided into regular technical Health Checks or Storage Expansion Analyses. With the help of a Health Check the performance of the storage is tested to make improvements in the case of need. With a Storage Expansion Analysis the measured performance needs are compared with an assessment for the planned future storage-expansion. Here, the goal is to find the best cost-optimal storage configuration possible.

BVQ Basic Services:

    • Regular Health Checks to keep the systems safe and sound

    • Storage Expansion Analysis to find the most economic investments to grow capacity

    • Bottleneck Analysis to solve performance problems quickly


Health Check Service

Regularly health checks are a recommended pro-active service for each BVQ supported SVC / Storwize environment. A storage expert checks the systems twice a year to detect issues before they become problems.

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Storage Expansion Analysis

With the storage expansion analysis, the best storage mix can be determined to meet future requirements at optimal costs. Our experience shows that...

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Problem Analysis Service

Problem Analysis Service

This is a special, unscheduled service to analyze performance problems and for planning countermeasures. A bottleneck problem causes costs and trouble until it is solved... With the Problem Analysis Service, a BVQ specialist can access the local BVQ server by...

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 BVQ Additional Services:

    • One Shot Analysis to find performance problem that happened during a period of time

    • Livedump Watchdog Service to eliminate very hidden performance issues

    • Remote Services to have real time expertise monitoring

    • Storage Reporting Service to keep update performance reports (easy management)


One Shot Analysis

In the One Shot Analysis data is collected by an offline scanner and analyzed in our laboratory. The results can then be presented in the form of a workshop. The One Shot Analysis assumes no installed BVQ and can only detect...

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Livedump Watchdog Service

This service helps, when a perfromance issue becomes such complicated, that a meaningful SVC / Storwize livedump or snap has to be sent to IBM support. BVQ livedump watchdog will be installed and configured to recognize the wanted situation...

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Remote Service

For the Remote Service SVA-specialists access the locally installed BVQ by using a permanently connected remote access to perform necessary monitoring and analysis...

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Storage Reporting Service

This is conceivable as the most innovative form of a monitoring / reporting service, which also offers in-depth performance analysis of storage environments. Often storage environments are...

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