BVQ Server requires access through several ports for communication between scanners and scanned systems and its database.

The following connections are required:

Connection TypeStandard TCP portBVQ ServerBVQ ClientDescription
RDP to BVQ Client3389(tick) ←(tick)Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol for remote screen sessions
InternetN/A(question)(question)Connection to the Internet for remote maintenance or code-download
SSH to IBM SVC/Storwize/FlashSystem22(tick)(question)Secure shell access to the SVC CLI interface
HTTPS to EMC Dell Unity443(tick)
Web service with HTTPS on Unity System API
HTTPS  to VMware vCenter443


Web service with HTTPS on VMware vCenter API
HTTPS  to IBM HMC (PowerVM)12443(tick)
Web service with HTTPS on PowerVM HMC API
HTTPS  to NetApp443(tick)
Web service with HTTPS on NetApp ONTAP System API
HTTPS to Brocade SAN switch443(tick)
Web service with HTTPS on Brocade SAN switch API
SMI provider to BNA5989(tick)
SMI interface to Brocade Network Advisor
MongoDB27017(tick) ←→(tick)Access to MongoDB
BVQ Server Web UI80(tick) ←(tick)Access to BVQ Server Web UI
BVQ Server Grafana3000(tick)(tick)Access to BVQ Grafana Web UI
BVQ SSH Server (AIX OS Agent)2222(tick)
BVQ SSH server which is used to receive data from OS instances

Legend: (tick) mandatory connection, (question) optional connection, → outgoing connection, ← incoming connection