Our customers are notified by mail about each new BVQ version, this includes a download link to the newest BVQ.
BVQ updates and first-time installations follow the same workflow.
The all-new core-installer is a .exe file which should be placed on either the host which is currently running BVQ or on the host which is supposed to run BVQ.
Information about the requirements are placed here and before installing BVQ for the first time we strongly recommend to read also the preparations article out of the Getting Started Guide.

The core-installer bundles the installers for each individual BVQ module into one installation package.
Common configuration parameters, such as DB access data, user and directories have default values which are recommended.
Our suggestion is to use a local Windows user, to set up the services with.

Modify your Config

Please note that changes to your existing BVQ configuration can only be made, using an update installation. This works even with the same installation file used in your current BVQ installation.

You have a running BVQ and want to change the java heap size of your BVQ Server?
Reinstall BVQ and change the specific value during the install wizard, you will keep your data, but have a different heap size value.