All SAN systems and software versions supported by the Brocade Network Advisor version listed in the following table are supported.

Please refer to Network Advisor Release Notes available on for a list of supported Switch Hardware & Software.


  • Please use standalone headless Brocade SMI Agent
  • If using a standard BNA installation, please deactivate change tracking for all fabrics

     Deactivate change tracking

Tested Releases:

BNA version

BVQ support

BVQ version

≤ 14.4.1




5.5.2 or higher
14.4.3supported5.5.2 or higher

Known Limitations:

SAN Routingv5.5.2 has toleration support only. Full Feature support can be added to a later release
SAN Access gatewayWill be added in the next major release of BVQ
SAN Director bladeLimited support. Currently the blade slot number is unknown. This will be added in one of the next releases.
SAN NPIVLimited support. Full feature support will be added in the next major release of BVQ
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