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DB2 Upgrade from Version 9.7.x to 10.5

Download of DB2 installation package and unpacking

Download DB2 10.5 FP5

Starting with BVQ version 3.2 the DB2 10.5 Advanced Workgroup Server (AWSE) Edition with Fix Pack 5 is used.   
Therefore, please perform the following procedure to upgrade.  

A new license file is needed for DB2 V10.5 - this license cannot be downloaded.
Please request this license file using the BVQ contact form

The names of the downloaded files depend on the particular version  

  • v10.5fp5_ntx64_server.exe

When the downloaded .exe file is executed, the archive gets unpacked.
A destination directory can be selected freely and is referred to in the following text with [packagedir].

Exit application programs with active connections to the database

Stop active BVQ services in the Windows Service Management Console

  • All BVQ scanner instances (SVC scanner)
  • BVQ scheduler
  • BVQ VMware scanner instances (if available)
  • BVQ alerting scanner instance

Backup of the BVQ DB

The DB2 update process increases the risk of losing data.

For this reason it is strongly recommend to create a backup of the BVQ DB !

Checking the update-ability of the database


(warning) Executing as a local administrator:   

  • If successful:

    Windows Command Shell (cmd)
    cd [PackageDir]\SERVER\db2\Windows\utilities
    [PackageDir]\SERVER\db2\Windows\utilities>db2ckupgrade.exe -e -L %TEMP%\db2ckupgrade.log -U db2admin -P [bvq_password]
    db2ckupgrade was successful. Database(s) can be upgraded.
  • If noch successful:
    1. Output db2ckupgrade db2admin user

      Windows Command Shell (cmd)
      cd [PackageDir]\SERVER\db2\Windows\utilities
      [PackageDir]\SERVER\db2\Windows\utilities>db2ckupgrade.exe db2admin -L %TEMP%\db2ckupgrade.log -U db2admin -P [db2admin_password]
      db2ckupgrade was unsuccessful. Please look at logfile for more details.
    2. Check logfile

      Windows Command Shell (cmd)
      [PackageDir]\SERVER\db2\Windows\utilities>type %TEMP%\db2ckupgrade.log
      Version of DB2CKUPGRADE being run: VERSION 10.5
      Database: 'BVQ'
        ** ERROR **
        SQL1015N The database is in an inconsistent state.  SQLSTATE=55025
    3. Check if all connections to the DB are closed:
      use db2 command shell wirth C:>db2cmd

      DB2 Command Shell (db2cmd)
      C:\Programme\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2 list applications
      Auth Id  Application    Appl.      Application Id                                                 DB       # of
               Name           Handle                                                                    Name    Agents
      -------- -------------- ---------- -------------------------------------------------------------- -------- -----
      BVQ      db2jcc_applica 151                                BVQ      1
      BVQ      db2jcc_applica 153                                BVQ      1
      BVQ      db2jcc_applica 159                                BVQ      1
      BVQ      db2jcc_applica 152                                BVQ      1
      BVQ      db2jcc_applica 158                                BVQ      1
    4. If open connections are still displayed, it can be tried to close them:

      DB2 Command Shell (db2cmd)
      C:\Programme\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2 force applications all
      DB20000I  The FORCE APPLICATION command completed successfully.
      DB21024I  This command is asynchronous and may not be effective immediately.
    5. Nun sollten alle Verbindungen beendet sein

      DB2 Command Shell (db2cmd)
      C:\Programme\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2 list applications
      SQL1611W  No data was returned by Database System Monitor.
    6. db2ckupgrade Check again

(info) In the case described above, it has helped to block all incoming connections to port 50000 by using the Windows Firewall.
In another case, a database named "NULL" or " " was mised by  db2ckupgrade. This was ignored and the following  upgrade worked well .


Start of DB2 installation

(warning) Executing  as a local administrator:

(warning) Set BVQ NT services for DB2 upgrade to manual start. Otherwise it may cause installation errors.

Start: [Packagedir]\SERVER\setup.exe
In DB2 setup launchpad:

  1. Click install product
  2. Scroll down to DB2 Version 10.5 Fixpack 3 Workgroup, Enterprise und Advanced Editions
  3. Click work with available installation


Installation steps in the DB2 install wizard

Click ok.




Please enter the password for the db2admin user and confirm it again. Then click on next.

Please click ok.

It might be necessary to close the DB2 Application


(info) From here, depending on the speed of the BVQ server, it takes about 15min.


(tick) Ready! The DB2 setup upgrade was completed successfully. [Packagedir] can be deleted now.

Import of DB2 10.5 license

Calling the DB2 command shell from the Windows command shell: C:\>db2cmd

DB2 Command Shell (db2cmd)
C:\Programme\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2licm -a [neue DB2 Lizenz File]

LIC1402I  License added successfully.

LIC1426I  This product is now licensed for use as outlined in your License Agreement.

C:\Programme\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2licm -l
Product name:                     "DB2 Advanced Workgroup Server Edition"
License type:                     "Authorized User Option"
Expiry date:                      "Permanent"
Product identifier:               "db2awse"
Version information:              "10.5"
Max amount of memory (GB):        "128"
Enforcement policy:               "Soft Stop"
Number of licensed authorized users: "5"


Upgrade BVQ database

Calling the DB2 command shell from the Windows command shell: C:\>db2cmd (run as db2admin user)

DB2 Command Shell (db2cmd)
C:\Programme\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN>db2 UPGRADE DATABASE BVQ USER bvq USING [bvq_password]
DB20000I  The UPGRADE DATABASE command completed successfully.

(info) Duration depending on the BVQ DB size approx 4min.

(tick) Update of the DB2 BVQ database is completed now.


(warning) Please restart the BVQ server now!

Start BVQ services

Start BVQ services in the Windows Service Management Console

  • All BVQ-scanner instances (SVC scanner)
  • BVQ scheduler
  • BVQ VMware scanner instances (if available)

Checking the functionality 

The BVQ GUI should start  as usual.