Some information about your SVC / Storwize system is needed to create a license for you.

For Storwize systems we additionally need the number of enclosures!


We need the cluster information from the storage system SVC or Storwize. This information can be retrieved by CLI or using the GUI

When using the VMware integration package we need the VMware instance UUID


Retrieve the SVC / Storwize Cluster information using the CLI

Use this command if you only need a license for one SVC or Storwize system

svcinfo lssystem 

You can also use this command if you a license for multiple SVC or Storwize systems

svcinfo lssystem | while read key value; do [[ "$key" =~ ^(id_alias|space_in_mdisk_grps|name|statistics_status|statistics_frequency|code_level)$ ]] && echo "$key $value"; done

We use the following information from the output:

name SVC1
statistics_status on
statistics_frequency 5
space_in_mdisk_grps xxx.xxTB
code_level (build 75.2.1302012000)
id_alias 00000200A0601C02


Retrieve the SVC / Storwize Cluster information using the GUI

Please provide all 3 information

  1. Version
  2. Cluster ID
  3. Capacity for SVC and additionally number of enclosures for Storwize systems


Retrieve the vCenter UUID to license the BVQ VMware integration package

We need the content of the following attribute

UUIDThe UUID of the vCenter serversDD19DA39-3894-4068-B931-9A14A638FA06


You find this information using the vCenter web gui

  1. use this URL

  2. Enter a valid username / password

  3. Lookup the row with the name instanceUuid :


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